UN official demands access to education, jobs for Gaza children
Gaza children

A UN official has urged for a “real political process” to ensure that such a horrific battle would not occur again, only days after Israel and Gaza agreed to a truce. The UN representative emphasized the need of re-establishing a peaceful atmosphere and encouraged the authorities to ensure that the region’s youngsters receive sufficient developmental growth.

“We need a true, true focus on human development, on adequate access to education, employment, and livelihoods,” Philippe Lazzarini, the UN Palestinian refugee organization UNRWA, told news agency AFP. “However, this must be accompanied by an authentic political process.”

His remarks came after the two nations agreed to a truce negotiated by Egypt with the help of the United States and the United Nations.

He has also encouraged authorities to address the fundamental cause of the problem in order to ensure that future generations of Israelis and Gazans are not subjected to humanitarian crises. “In Gaza, the layers of misery are thickening,” Lazzarini remarked.

His remarks came just days after US Vice President Joe Biden emphasized the significance of reconstructing Gaza and stated that “a two-state solution is still needed.” 

Image credits – Wikimedia Commons

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