Under Subra Suresh Distinguished Lecture Series, IIT Madras host the Nobel Laureates
IIT Madras

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras will introduce the Subra Suresh Distinguished Lecture series, and it will be conducted by the Nobel Laureates and world-famous speakers with their different professional experiences and approaches of life.

The laureates will also share scientific facts that will be open to the public. And on October 20, the Nobel Laureates Prof Didier Queloz will provide the inaugural address of the Subra Suresh Distinguished Lecture Series in Chennai, everyone can participate in the following event, as it is open to all.

The annual event of Subra Suresh Distinguished Lecture Series has been organized for three days. The first day will include the technical lectures and the same will be followed on day two; the third and final day will focus on interactions between the distinguished speaker and IIT Madras faculty, laboratory visits, and students.

A one-day workshop will be organized in honour of the visiting academics as a forum for faculty members and students to get together. Those who want to enrol in the lecture series can register on iitm.zohobackstage.in/SubraSureshDistinguishedLectureSeries.