United the world: Top New International Schools

In the past, international schools were considered a kind of “reserve” where only ex-pat families working at multinational companies and diplomatic circles studied. However, recently the situation has changed: more and more local children as well as international students study in international schools.

The reason for such a choice is the wide opportunities provided by international education. A child gets a chance to study International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and other programs with an opportunity to go to prestigious universities of the New and Old World in the future.

In addition, international schools are a great place to make useful contacts that will certainly come in handy for building a successful career in the future.

A separate bonus for international and local children studying at an international school is a complete immersion in a foreign language environment, acquaintance with the culture of other countries, expanding the horizons of perception, and providing a basis for further successful education abroad.

So, international school education is an excellent idea if you see your child’s future in university education abroad. Let’s talk about the latest of such educational institutions that have recently opened or will open shortly.

  1. VERSO International School

VERSO International School opened in Bangkok (Thailand) in 2020. The school building was built “from scratch,” taking into account all current educational and design trends. It took six years from the idea to its implementation, but the new school has become exemplary – it fully meets modern requirements and is rightly proud of its design. The institution was opened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it did not prevent offering students a complete international education.

“We follow a US curriculum aligned to the New York State Learning Standards and have redesigned it into VERSO’s own Future Ready curriculum. We are an innovative and design-driven international school”.


  1. Nexus International School

In 2020 Nexus International School opened a fundamentally new campus in Singapore, built on the principle of the Nexus Way, which guides the educational process in this institution. They also provide The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

“The Nexus Way was developed as our guiding philosophy, adopting the key elements of Mindsets, Relationships, Inclusion, and Innovation. Our shift to the new world-class campus sought to create an ideal environment to promote the “Nexus Way” ethos of encouraging learners to see the world from a global perspective.” “The IBDP we offer is one of the world’s leading pre-university programs. It is recognised by top universities around the world for its academic rigour and its development of the competencies and mindsets articulated in the IB learning profile. It is excellent preparation for university entrance around the world”.


  1. Seri Botani International School

Opened in Malaysia in 2020, in Seri Botani, they believe strongly in establishing a learning environment that is disciplined, academically strong, and character-based, where ethics and values are essential elements in a child’s development.

“Purpose-built to the highest standards, the campus includes spacious classrooms, science laboratories, a multi-media center, music and art rooms, cafeteria, prayer rooms, and also a fully furnished boarding facility for all our out-of-state students.”


  1. Brookes CIL International School

Another state-of-the-art international school is currently being completed in Kyiv, Ukraine. The opening is scheduled for 2022. Architecturally unique buildings will be a hub for students to thrive across all areas. Offering full access to modern, spacious classrooms, dining halls and cafes, two Makerspaces, professional sporting facilities, performance hall, science labs, multiple IT suites, cooking hub, music, podcast and editing studios, and specialist teaching environments will optimize learning with integrated technology.

“Brookes CIL International School is a Candidate School for the PYP, MYP, and DP. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Brookes CIL believes is important for our students”.


  1. State International school in Luxembourg

A feature of the region is opening international public schools, which are free for children of employees of foreign institutions or companies. There are currently four state international schools in the country – another one is planned to open in September 2022 in the capital.

“Luxembourg City needs a European curriculum which is closer to the philosophy of the Luxembourgish system with its multilingualism and the different languages that pupils can choose,” Education Minister Claude Meisch said.

  1. Green School International

New facilities of Green School International opened in 2020 in New Zealand, with its branches opening in South Africa and Mexico. The “trick” of this educational group is that besides the traditional subjects, students gain practical skills to solve real problems, such as building a school pond.

“We offer a well-rounded and cross-disciplinary learning experience that encourages the physical, emotional, intellectual, and expressive development of every child. Beyond teaching proficiency in Maths, Science, Humanities, we also provide experiential classes in entrepreneurial studies, environmental studies, arts, health, and wellbeing.”


Green School International’s Bali campus. Photo: Green School International

Green School International’s Bali campus.

  1. Tzu Chi International School

In 2020 Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation opened another fashionable school Tzu Chi International School, in Malaysia.

“Tzu Chi International School adopts the internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in conjunction with Tzu Chi’s humanistic lessons. While classes will be conducted in Mandarin and English, Bahasa Malaysia is taught to allow the students to master all three languages”.


  1. United Lisbon International School

It was opened in central Lisbon (Portugal) in September 2020. The school is for students in Early Childhood (from 3 years) to grade 12, but for the academic year 2022, it will have classes up to grade 10 (15/16 years).

“United Lisbon adopts a rigorous and challenging High School program that offers its students a pathway to the globally acknowledged diploma for university application worldwide: International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (United Lisbon is a candidate school and pursuing authorization for the Diploma Programme). Leading towards these programs, the school offers a US standards-based curriculum in the lower grades, aligning with United Lisbon’s High School Programs”.


  1. The BIBS Haidian Academy

The BIBS Haidian Academy is a new international bilingual school located in the Haidian district of Beijing, which opened in October 2019. The Haidian Academy is a school of the Beanstalk Education Group family of schools.

“Our children make excellent progress in their learning and enjoy a range of specialist subjects and enrichment activities. This includes activities such as Choir, Crafts, Dance, Drama, Spanish, Music, PE, Swimming, and Sports. As an IB school delivering the PYP, we believe in a child-centered education, and we put our students’ happiness and development at the forefront of every decision we make about their education”.


  1. Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is second to none in terms of international education – in 2021, a new school of the Nord Anglia family opened here.

“Through opportunities to learn from the best, experiences beyond the ordinary, and the encouragement to achieve more than what they thought possible, we help students succeed anywhere through a unique global educational offer by following the frameworks of EYFS, IGCSE, and IBDP.”


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