UpGrad Abroad will Hire 500 New Employees over the Next Three Months to help the Company Grow

UpGrad Study Abroad, an ed-tech company specializing in workforce development and job placement, has announced its plans to hire 500 new employees over the next three months as part of its expansion strategy. The company aims to recruit fresh talent from college campuses and universities in various sub-departments such as sales, marketing, technology, and product to bolster its workforce and enhance employability.

Ankur Dhawan, President of UpGrad Abroad, highlighted the importance of young employees who are enthusiastic about gaining international exposure and aligning with the company’s mission of facilitating skilled talent mobility across global economies. The company has built a robust business model that reduces geographical barriers for learners and internal teams, making it essential to onboard more young professionals.

This recruitment drive follows the recent integration of UpGrad Study Abroad’s extensive portfolio and the consolidation of its organic and inorganic businesses into a unified operating stream. The company has set ambitious targets for the year, aiming to break even and achieve an annual gross revenue of over ₹500 crore during FY24.

Saurabh Deep Singla, UpGrad’s Chief Human Resources Officer, emphasized the company’s focus on building strong business pockets throughout the country to improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By expanding its workforce, UpGrad Study Abroad aims to strengthen its business footprint and continue its growth trajectory in the ed-tech industry.

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