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Urban Raga| Western music
Bidyut Chakrabarty, Founder Director, Urban Raga

The field of music has undergone a sea change over the decades. With the satellite boom and now the Internet boom, we are exposed to music in different parts of the world. While many genres of music kept emerging, the Indian classical music thrived despite various influences. It is not just being pursued in the country but abroad as well where many music enthusiasts are taking lessons from Indian maestros. However, it has not been an easy task for the keepers of Hindustani Classical Music to stay afloat in a world and particularly in a generation, that is so influenced by everything Western, music not being an exception.

One such influencer is Bidyut Chakrabarty, Founder Director of Urban Raga, Music Educator and Pianist, who has been instilling interest in Indian and Western music. The institute located in Bengaluru has quite some repute among keen learners and respect from fellow music afficionados. Chakrabarty has also created a niche for himself in the global education market.

History, Mission and Vision of Urban Raga Music School

Urban Raga, Performing Arts and Learning Centre was founded in 2008 with the sole aim of creating awareness and interest of Indian and Western music which is very much prevalent in this modern culture.

The school has three centres in Bengaluru and is known to be most well reputed for its musical education in the region. It has students of all age groups and from all walks of life.

Expert Instruction

What makes the school more unique and innovative is its involvement and integration with the system and syllabus of the Urban Raga School of Music, Bengaluru.

Urban Raga Performing Arts and Learning Centre expects the active support of all like-minded people to come forward to make our effort a reality in the interest of preserving meaningful music for the future generation.

It teaches a range of musical subjects from, keyboard, piano, guitar, western vocal, Indian instruments, Indian vocal and much more.

Online presence for global education

The institute works with only the best, degreed music instructors, many of whom play for music bands and orchestras or perform with traditional groups. Background checks are conducted for all teachers. Instructors teach students of all ages and skill levels from raw beginners to experienced piano players who want to take their performance to a higher level.

The campus and the academic programs

Urban Raga, Performing Arts and Learning Centre has its own state-of-the-art facility with all modern instruments at various locations within Bengaluru. It gave us great pleasure in introducing both Western and Indian music, helping people to pursue their quest in the field of music. Urban Raga is committed towards spreading the joy of music in a fun and fulfilling way by spreading its music school in Bangalore.

The music program includes –

Sound Reasoning course for adults who have little training in music and would like to get more out of listening to music

The Basic Elements of Music is an introduction, suitable for nonmusicians, to some of the basic concepts and terms used to discuss music

Reading Music is a basic-level course on common music notation

Special Subjects in Music Theory is an introduction to some more advanced concepts, including some necessary for exploring nonwestern music, where student will learn the basics of Indian Classical Music

Understanding Basic Music Theory is a more complete course, including introductory information on notation, basic and some advanced music theory concepts, and some of the physics underlying the concepts

Kidsmuzik – Basic program for children (age 5 to 8 years). Music is fun for a beginner’s first class at Urban Raga as our teaching techniques are customized to suit the child’s need

Regular course – Junior/grade musicians (Age: 9 years and above) Popular choices at this stage include Piano, keyboard, guitar and violin. The syllabus is based international curriculum.

Theory of music – Theory class is also important as it helps in understanding music better. It is very important for students who want to pursue higher grades

Vocal/Choir – includes Hindustani/Carnatic/Western classical. Audition is must. Performed in group classes.

Drums and Tabla – One of our most popular and enjoyable subject is percussion.

Standing apart

What makes the school more unique and innovative is its involvement and integration with the system and syllabus. The Urban Raga School of Music expects the active support of all like-minded people to come forward to make our effort a reality in the interest of preserving meaningful music for the future generation.

Teaching all age groups

For piano, keyboard or strings, one can start at the age of four years. For guitar, drums or vocal, one can start at the age of 7-8 years. For most other instruments one can start around the age of nine or so.

About 20% students are adults. The criteria are a little different as adults move at their own pace. Adults know the importance of practicing, so they are not going to hear the speech that the teachers normally reserve for some Children.

Group lessons

There are group classes and ensembles for students who already play an instrument to a certain degree. Group lessons do not work well for beginners because the teacher has to divide his/her time to focus on one student at a time while the others sit and wait.

Private lessons

Private classes i.e. one to one for those who wish to learn independently are conducted. But it depends on the availability of music teacher and time.

About the founder-director

Bidyut Chakrabarty is a musician (piano, keyboard and tabla player), music educator and founder and director of Urban Raga. He received training in music at a very young age in vocal, tabla and piano and performed at several functions, stage shows, concerts as well TV shows. He is associated with many cultural activities and organized several campus, social and cultural events to promote music and arts.

Career prospects

After successful completion of the course, students can start their own band, music production center., become teacher, work in performing arts and learning center. The certification program will help them take it to next level if they wish to further study music abroad.

Why Urban Raga?

The number one reason to consider studying music at The Urban Raga is the instructors who are patient, experienced teachers, inspiring, motivating mentors, professional performers and musicians who love to play music.

Besides, the environment, friendly and encouraging ‘exam atmosphere’ which is fun filled as well as professional. International certification, tie-up with Royal School of Music London and Trinity School of Music London, proper structured music lessons, giving chance to students to perform in concerts are other reasons. Urban Raga is also a part of Western Classical Music forum for Teachers and many cultural activities, workshops, concerts are organized.

Other highlights

International Certification, Course Collaboration with Associate Board of Royal School of Music London (ABRSM), LCM and Rock School of Music London.

Future prospects

Urban Raga is now Online Music Education destination across the globe. The aim is to teach music through a combination of classes online and at the center with highly qualified teachers and quality online class materials, videos tailored to suit interests of all age groups.

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