Vipin Kumar Tyagi- A Devoted Principal Focused on Career Development of Students
Vipin Kumar Tyagi| KV No 1 Roorkee
Vipin Kumar Tyagi

Visionary principals of any educational institution possess various qualities such as dedication, accountability, professionalism, and inquisitiveness. They are torchbearers of education, innovation, and excellence. These principals work towards the development of the students and the teachers, along with taking the institution to new heights. They uphold education and focus on career development of the students.

One such dedicated principal, who is driven to uplift the educational system and nurture the students is none other than Vipin Kumar Tyagi, the Principal of KV No 1 Roorkee. He started his career from a degree college and then joined Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) as TGT Maths teacher and worked for 2 years. Then, he joined KVS as a PGT(Physics) in 1988. Mr. Vipin has completed 34 years in teaching including 11 years as Principal. He has also served as a PES in Govt of UP for 2 years.

The Journey of an Educator

Hailing from an agricultural family, Mr. Vipin was motivated to start his career as a teacher by the Principal and Mathematics teacher of the intermediate college where he studied. He has always been passionate about teaching and intended to pursue a career on this field.

Mr. Vipin had received an offer from NIH Roorkee to join the institution as a Research Associate and an offer from PES Govt of UP. However, he gave up both the jobs because of his passion and love towards the profession of teaching. “I love my profession and value my career in school teaching. I have enjoyed my whole teaching career by producing excellent results in all areas of education,” he opines.

A Veteran of his Domain

Mr. Vipin has completed 34 excellent years of teaching in KVS. He was appointed as Principal in KVS in 2012. As the leader of his institution, Mr Vipin is working hard to ensure the development of his institution. The academic and other achievements of his students is the reflection of his work in the school. Presently, he is enjoying his career as an administrator.

Ensuring Academic Development of the Students

Under Mr. Vipin’s astute leadership, the school uses child-centred teaching. The teachers encourage the participation of the students in the classes. Each topic is covered in the classroom in such a way that it may seem that the topic may have been developed with the help of the students.

Mr. Vipin states that the teachers conduct question–answer sessions during the classes. He ensures that the school provides all learning materials to the students. He states that the school has smart classes, a well-developed language lab, computer lab, science labs, and library. These facilities play an important role in the learning of students. The school uses it as an effective means to enhance the learning of the students. Since, the school is affiliated to the government, it is committed to provide the results and caters to all round development of students.

Mr. Vipin expresses, “Education is considered as a tool for empowerment. We are doing it in a real sense. We are having RTE students from those classes of society, who in real terms needs empowerment”. Under his stewardship, the school is also providing education to single girl child students, students from privileged classes, disabled students, and students from poor classes of the society. Mr. Vipin believes that it is a real sense of empowerment to those who need empowerment. “We are doing it effectively. We are providing best results to these students who are from underprivileged classes, and they are getting selected in reputed institutions of India and abroad,” he states.

Emphasis on Infrastructural Development

Mr. Vipin strongly believes that every educational institution should have smart classes and hybrid classes having both provision of offline as well as online classes. It can help students to learn effectively. He states, “We may use e-labs along with regular labs. Students may use animations and other practices in these classes. Suppose a school needs expert classes from industry experts, then it is not possible to arrange it offline. In such cases, we may arrange online classes for our students”.

As per Mr. Vipin, teachers teaching in the classes may also use online YouTube sessions and Facebook sessions for better understanding of the students. He believes that hybrid classes may change the scenario of our school education in future. “It is the requirement of present school education system in India hence my view is that we must have hybrid classes for our students,” says Mr. Vipin.

Steady Steps Ahead

Speaking about the future, Mr. Vipin hopes that KV No 1 Roorkee may improve the performance of its students not only in academics but also in other fields of education. He also hopes to ensure all round development of the students with the efforts in the school. Mr. Vipin believes that his school will produce good citizens, who will be dedicated towards the development of the nation.

Mr Vipin expresses, “In the times to come, we will conduct many activities in our schools that may have global impact like our students’ contributions in Swachh Bharat Mission, plantation, save water save future, Digital India, EBSB, FIT India Movement, and so on”. “I am doing a lot in this area with the help of my students. We have arranged online pledge campaign for save water save future and this pledge was taken by more than 11000 students, Teachers and Parents online and by more than 8000 students, Teachers and Parents offline so far,” he adds. Mr. Vipin has also arranged Swachhta Pledge which was taken by more than 5000 students and teachers online, and by more than 8000 students and teachers offline.

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