Ways of Making a Sports Career as a Non-Athlete
A Sports Career - The Knowledge Review

Sports—if visualizing these six syllables, the first thing what strikes to the mind is an athlete performing in a specific event; meanwhile, a typical persona has been created that for making a career out of sports, the requirement of physical and mental fitness is must .i.e., one must be an athlete. There are loads of branches in the sports industry to work for; a sporting event requires numerous skills including management, execution, and athlete training among many others, resulting in opening the gates for the opportunist from various fields/sectors. Entering into such globally accepted sector does help an individual to explore their fortes in sports as well as helps one to fulfill their desires.

The grit has driven the passion; many desire to work in sporting industries but not everyone is boon with the athletic talent, yet the desire still holds strong. Focusing on the career options, there exists variety of divisions in the sports field to work for, some of them are categorized below with the beneficiary description.

An outlook of Certain Sport Sectors

Sports Psychology

Keeping athletes mentally fit for better performance

Physical fitness is indeed required so does the psychological, an athlete needs to be fit from both in and out, but the most important is to keep mind focused and motivated for better performance, right there falls the role of the sports psychologist. It comes under clinical division; the sports psychologists are trained with techniques to help athletes to maintain a healthy relationship between mind and body. The psychologist also implements the sporting attitude on non-athlete off field for better counseling provision.

There are certain clinical and counseling doctoral programs with some additional classes. Whereas, an upcoming psychologist can enroll themselves in master’s and doctoral degrees to gain a license offered by the Association for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP). On the other hand, many diploma holders in this field can practice independently in private sectors while some are appointed by the universities to work for the growth of student-athletes.

Sports Statistics

Sports Statistician gathers information regarding the performances of athletes as the team as well as individually. This work analyzes the acquired data from the last performances and generates a predictive strategy for the future events. Also, the so-called ‘stats’ are also provided by the statistician for sporting geeks out there. In addition to that, this division assists with the recruitment and drafting.

To be hired for such job, a bachelor’s degree will suffice; however, with an increase in interest in this sector, it will beneficiary to have a master’s degree in statistics mathematics or surveying methodology. In order to get into research sectors or collegiate positions having a Ph.D. will always be a boon. Hopefully, as long as the sports industry lives, statisticians will always run along with it.

Turf Management

Most of the outdoor sports are played on the grass field including baseball, football, golf and likewise. In order to host a proper sporting activity, there is a must in better-filed management services. Turf management is a study which is related to the maintenance and production of grasses, however, degree or diploma in turf science will do to get hired in this field. Sports industry more focuses on the playing field on which the event to be held, for example, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America’s provides a certification for golf scope superintendents to maintain the turf and manage the assets by controlling the budgets. Whereas, other sports appoints people to the processes such as judging the turfs, managing the monetary exchange for turfs maintenance, etc. As the study is totally related to grass management, so having a botany degree will turn into a profitable aspect to proceed with the work.

Being a Sports Agents

Apart from sports career, an athlete makes monetary profits by representing as brand ambassadors and by accepting endorsement offered to them. To handle such contracts a sports agent is hired by an athlete, and on his/her behalf, the agent negotiates the terms of the contracts as per the athlete’s comfort. The agent also looks after the lawsuits, endorsement handling, business ethics, and media relations. To pursue this career one must complete their bachelor degree in lawsuit or must be a licensed attorney with some knowledge about the business. In this field, professionalism is highly required; more the experience more will be the benefits. An experience will help agent to build-up a good network of brands executors, hence, having a good experience in certain agencies will benefit in better functioning.

Athlete Training

The athletic trainer provides medical attention to field athletes regarding prevention as well as treatment of the muscle and bone issues. If an athlete is injured during the event, this trainers rush to the field for providing first aid and make an instant assessment for injuries. In accordance to that, the trainer also sets up a personalized program for each to prevent the future injuries.

Making a career in athletic training requires a physical training degree, or else one can take athlete training courses certified by Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

Irrespective of any field background, sports industry always provides a better platform to work in personnel’s desired sector. Not only passion is fulfilled but also rise in the earning factor can be observed.

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