What are the English language requirements for a master’s degree in Germany?
master’s degree in Germany
the English language requirements for a master’s degree in Germany

If you are a travel enthusiast, Germany is sure to be on the list of your must-travel-to countries. The country is blessed with majestic flora and fauna, incredible architecture, rich history and friendly people.

Germany has another flower to add to its bouquet of accolades. Its excellent educational system makes it an attractive destination for college students. In recent years, there has been a long line of students aspiring to do their master degrees in Germany.

However, many prospective students also get deterred because of a looming language issue. For international students unfamiliar with the German language, it can seemingly be very difficult to pursue their studies in a foreign language.

Fortunately, the myth that you need to be proficient in the German language to be able to study in Germany is quite untrue. There are scores of public and private universities in the country that offer courses taught in English.

Let’s get a closer look into the entry requirements for English-taught master’s courses in Germany.

Why should you pursue a master’s degree in Germany?

If you aren’t yet sold on the idea of pursuing higher studies in Germany, here are some more reasons why you should do so.

  1. Germany has an extremely stable economy that keeps the inflation rate down and the standard of living high
  2. Living and study expenses in Germany are affordable as compared to other advanced European nations like France and the Netherlands.
  3. Getting a German student visa also allows you to visit other EU-member nations since Germany is part of the EU.
  4. Major German cities like Frankfurt and Berlin are large commercial centres which can increase your career prospects.

Which German universities offer English-taught programmes?

There are scores of well-reputed public and private German universities and colleges that offer English-taught courses at the post-graduate level. The frequency of English-taught courses is more for specific disciplines like management, business studies and medicine.

You can also find many universities that offer bilingual-taught courses that have both German and English as the media of instruction.

Here is a short list of renowned German universities where you can study in English.

  1. University of Cologne
  2. GISMA Business School
  3. University of Bonn
  4. University of Gottingen
  5. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  6. CBS International Business School
  7. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

What are the entry requirements for English-taught courses in Germany?

Usually, the entry requirements for English-taught programmes are similar to that of German-taught programmes. The exception would be that English-taught programmes would require a proof of English language proficiency.

Here are the common entry requirements for English-taught programmes in Germany.

  1. A bachelor’s degree certificate (If it a master’s course)
  2. Proof of high-school education
  3. Proof of English language proficiency such as an IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE Academic score
  4. Resume

Do you need to furnish a proof of English proficiency for a German-taught course?

Of course not! For a German-taught course, you will have to furnish a proof of German proficiency.

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