What Is IGCSE And Why Is an IGCSE School Important for Your Child? 
IGCSE school

Quality of education at the grassroots level is a strong determinant in shaping the personality of a child. A solid foundation laid during a child’s formative years through education at the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore will serve the child throughout their lifetime. Therefore, choosing a good school is the bare minimum.

As much as the school is important, the curriculum is critical to the child’s overall development as well. School curriculum exposes a child to various aspects of life – a strong factor in the holistic growth of the child. Without a good school curriculum, a schoolchild may go to school, but never really learn critical aspects that should have been taught.

Why IGCSE is the best school curriculum?

Expanded as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, an IGCSE school in Bangalore focuses on delivering an international curriculum. Based on the British curriculum, it is an exam-based education system where assessments are carried out by the school’s chosen exam board. Some renowned exam boards are namely Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The latter offers a vast variety of subjects, totally at about 70. With the support of over 30 languages, this exam board places no restrictions for students regardless of their linguistic background. This means students are encouraged to learn in their own mother-tongues and also allow themselves to be exposed to learning in other languages as well.

The inclusiveness of the IGCSE curriculum goes beyond the vastness of subjects or support for all major languages. It also focuses on making students successful by offering them differing curriculum papers in certain subjects. Depending on the levels of ability or aptitude on these subjects, students can attempt either the Core or Extended curriculum papers.

Why is IGCSE the most preferred school curriculum?

Cambridge International Examinations developed IGCSE in 1988. Slowly, schools all over the world began realizing the value of the curriculum. Soon many schools started replacing their national curricula with IGCSE. With continuing international recognition, this curriculum began to be the norm in many schools. Because it provided inclusiveness and adaptive learning.

Being a learner-centric program, it is based on an inquiry-based learning mechanism. It facilitates the onset of reasoning skills and critical thinking skills. Students start thinking for themselves, which in a way promotes leadership skills. IGCSE focuses on sharpening a student’s diverse skills through acquisition, retention, and application of knowledge. Also included in the curriculum are important aspects of overall development such as oral skills, analytical ability, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Even if the student is given the flexibility to learn in their native language, the IGCSE curriculum builds a student’s skill in communicating with English. This is a future-ready skill and very important in today’s time because English is the common language used for communication between countries, cultures, and people from different walks of life.

What is IGCSE’s recognition in India and overseas?

A student educated in the IGCSE curriculum at one of the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore starts behaving in a way that is required to be internationally competitive. It opens up national and international opportunities for further education. Across the world, IGCSE has been implemented by over 140 countries. It is widely accepted by universities and colleges across the globe. The adoption and usage of the curriculum are even more widespread in the UK and Commonwealth countries.

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has recognized IGCSE and currently, IGCSE is as widely adopted as the popular curriculums such as CBSE and ICSE. In the UK, IGCSE holds the same stature as GCSE. Many UK Universities recognize IGCSE educated students’ English competence as proof of competency in the English language. This is especially useful when the student is applying for UK universities in the future from an IGCSE school in Bangalore.

Importantly, IGCSE-educated students stand a chance to be admitted to premier educational centres across the world such as Cambridge, MIT, and Harvard. Therefore, IGCSE is currently the foundational learning curriculum for schools to enable students to expand upon their formal education to brighter prospects.

Why an IGCSE school is important?

An IGCSE school can position a child for a bright career. Here’s why.

Internationally recognized.

The best international universities across the globe treat the IGCSE curriculum in high regard and IGCSE students as having the foundational skills. This is to not only be good students in their respective educational institutions but also demonstrate ideal behaviour.

Recognized by employers worldwide.

An IGCSE education from an IGCSE school in Bangalore is recognized by Fortune 100 companies. This is because the IGCSE curriculum focuses on many other aspects apart from regular education. Behaviour, discipline, timeliness, communication, citizenship, teamwork – all of these behaviour-driven traits are imbibed by students. That’s why employers do not need to worry about validating if an employee has the right behaviour to be part of their company.

Global community

The best IGCSE schools in Bangalore ensure that their students are part of a global community of learners. The community shares resources and information. Such aspects take learning to a new level. It also inculcates a global perspective in students.

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