What Should You Consider When Looking for Purpose-Built Student Accommodations in Sydney?
Sydney Students

The beautiful harbour city of Sydney has over twenty colleges and universities. This largest Australian city with its inclusive cultural scene and vibrant ambience attracts a cosmopolitan mix of students. Many international and domestic students choose Sydney to pursue their higher studies.

You can take your pick from contemporary and safe off-campus accommodation by scanning supportive websites like https://iglu.com.au/university/university-of-sydney/. Private student housing or purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) came into being because of limited University accommodation.

Increasing Demand for PBSA

As the inflow of students into Sydney is steadily rising, the demand for suitable housing is also increasing. The cost of living is the key determining factor. PBSA’s are exclusively designed residences for students, which include shared rooms and studio apartments.

Since they are centrally located, commuting to campus on foot, public transport, or bike rides becomes convenient. Moreover, PBSAs have communal areas, so your outgoings on basic utilities like water, heating, electricity, internet, and other services, work out more reasonably.

The friendly and safe environment you enjoy at these housing facilities with entire blocks dedicated to a few hundred students is another plus. Hence, fully furnished University-managed accommodation is much sought after in Sydney.

Top Considerations

Considering the options for student accommodation in Sydney are many, you must do considerable research before finalising your decision. Keeping in mind your budget and weighing up the pros and cons of each available housing option also aid your decision-making.

Popular PBSA offerings allow you to focus on your studies and make the most of student life. The top factors to consider while hunting for PBSA in Sydney include:

Shared Facilities Offered

Access to first-class facilities like a fully equipped gymnasium, theatre, bike storage, and laundry makes your daily student life more convenient. Blanket Wi-Fi connectivity ensures your coursework never suffers.

Community areas allow you to network and build strong friendships while living as a student in Sydney. Moreover, shared facilities keep your living costs in check, and your monthly rent includes your minimum outgoing contribution. You are not obliged to pay hefty gym memberships or utility bills.

Security Provisions

Secure premises with card access ensure PBSA’s are a safe zone. When on-site staff is available 24/7, you do not have to rely on rank outsiders to rectify any maintenance issue.

As a young student away from home, your safety should be of paramount importance. Only when this aspect is given due priority will you and your family feel comfortable with your choice of accommodation.

Proximity to Campus

Spending maximum time commuting to campus and back from your PBSA is not the ideal arrangement. A centrally located PBSA cuts down on your travel time and allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can either commute on a bike or walk it down. Central locations also give you access to public transport, which you can hop into, and conveniences to source your daily necessities.

Opt for safe and affordable off-campus housing equipped with necessary amenities that encourage you to grow academically and socially. Sydney PBSA’s provide the ideal homely environment thereby, ensuring your student life flourishes.

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