What Types of Commercial Cleaning for Your Office Should You Consider in the Post-Pandemic Phase?
Commercial Cleaning
What Types of Commercial Cleaning for Your Office Should You Consider in the Post-Pandemic Phase?

Currently, several states all across the United States are relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions. Gradually, people are looking forward to getting back to their workplace. But that could be challenging for many. Close to 80% of the small businesses across the U.S have entirely or partially reopened. There are many who think that the adverse effects of the pandemic might linger on.

The U.S Chamber of Commerce poll suggests that approximately 55% of the businesses think that it will take another year for the economic climate to get back to normalcy. But they will have to focus on cleaning if they are to reopen the office spaces. Here are four types of commercial cleaning that is essential for companies to focus on to keep their ambiance clean and employees safe.

  1. Air-duct cleaning

The pandemic made us realize that indoor air quality and ventilation are crucial. And as we plan to get back to the normal life course, the relevance of good air quality is essential. According to a study in 2017, improved indoor air results in better decision-making. It also ensures better strategy making and planning when there is work pressure.

  1. Carpet cleaning

The carpets cater to many purposes. They offer a padded, soft underfoot feel and can ensure that your office looks welcoming and professional. Sometimes, the office space can be a breeding ground for allergens. The American Lung Association says that carpets trap pollutants, including cockroach allergens, dust mites, particle pollution, pet dander, pesticides, mold spores, and dust and dirt. You need to ensure that your property looks and feels great when you implement daily carpet cleaning. Other than eliminating the carpet’s allergens, grime, and irritants, commercial cleaning services can also add more life to your carpet. To know more about this, you can check out Image One USA – Atlanta Metro East.

  1. Floor mat cleaning

The process of floor mat cleaning caters to two essential purposes. It can keep the business property appear tidy and clean. Keeping the floor mats clean will decrease the chances of slips. Additionally, during the post-pandemic times, the clean floor mats will let people know that you are keeping your office space sanitized and clean. It will make your customers and employees feel safe and at ease with the place.

  1. Upholstery cleaning

When you say yes to upholstery cleaning, it can eliminate allergens, germs, dander, and dust. It can also do away with damage and add more life to the upholstered surface. Also, regular upholstery cleaning can help you save money by enabling you to use the current furniture more instead of buying new pieces. Furthermore, upholstery cleaning is essential for high-traffic organizations such as health clinics and doctor’s offices, where the upholstered surfaces get used frequently.

When the businesses and offices reopen completely, end-to-end sanitation and cleaning can become highly essential. When you concentrate on the cleaning approaches that include the types discussed above and add the daily maintenance, you can help employees and customers feel confident as they enter the business place.

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