World School: Knowledge, Values, Passion and Transformation
World School

“Education should be approached with a vision and with a purpose.”

With the aim to provide world-class education focusing on the holistic development of young learners, the World School was founded in the year 2012 as a premier education centre for children of early years to grade IX. Being an initiative of International Training and Educational Services (ITES) Oman through Global Training LLC, a name associated with quality education programmers in Oman, the World School has achieved wonders in its short nine years of existence.

The Educators who Care

Mr Ahmed Said Al Shanfari is the Managing Director of World School and Dr V S Sunil is currently the Executive Director of World School. These inspiring individuals have led the way for all the students and staff, all the while not only educating the children but emphasizing on making the learning curve an exciting, memorable, and enjoyable process.

From the Leader’s Desk

Knowledge, values, passion, and transformation are core values that have enabled the school to rise to eminence as one of the premier international schools in the Sultanate. Embracing an international learning community, the students experience quality education that flourishes in an extraordinary facility and is exclusive throughout the country.

The thrill-imbibed nature of the school is fairly apparent from the moment you enter the campus. Students and teachers completely engaged in the learning process maintain the air of enthusiasm as they challenge their minds and question their assumptions, all in the joyful pursuit of knowledge. Other schools prefer their students to be studying as they are taught a curriculum, but in World School, the teachers educate whist learning themselves as the students experience.

Sprawling Infrastructure Designed to Inspire

  • Fully facilitated libraries with multitudes of books, stories and reading material.
  • Sprawling infrastructure that reflects the boundless imagination of children, whilst designed for convenience.
  • Computer lab and science lab, so that students are well versed with the latest technology.
  • Extensive arrangements to enable exploration of different arts, crafts, and music.
  • Smart Classes
  • Indoor and outdoor areas for all manner of games and sports.
  • Spacious classrooms with relatively few children, making them ideal places for students.
  • The welcoming atmosphere and a pleasant environment.

It is all about the Vibe!

The eclectic team of educators at World School (WS) are expert teachers who come to the classroom with extensive, real-world, and international teaching experience. By employing intensive training, collaboration efforts, and dedication to their work, the teachers prepare students for life.

In WS, education is a pivotal tool for the transformation of an individual, a family, a community and even for the Nation. Special focus is given to ensuring that the learning experience is enthralling, memorable, and enjoyable to all the students at World School.

The academic program is divided into levels that are listed below:

Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG) are the earliest years of formal education for a child. The LKG team have incorporated music and physical education as specialist subjects, along with other activities happening in the classrooms throughout the day and gorgeous areas for children to visit such as the sand pit area, library, playroom, and outside play areas.

With an interactive and hands-on approach, students at LKG are introduced to new materials, concepts, situations, all with the goal of making them more responsible, independent, and expanding their big minds. This is accomplished by simple activities such as making them take care of their lunch boxes or backpacks. The management ensures that the little kids learn meaningful literature by interacting with letters, sounds, and stories through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and presenting. These developmental skills are woven into an integrated and play based approach where children are valued and encouraged to evolve as creative, curious, and confident learners.

Moving to the UKG, students are again introduced to new materials, concepts, and situations, all being a tad more complex that what came before delivered in an expressive, play-based manner to enable the development of their own individuality and social skills. The classes for UKG being at 7:20 AM and end at 12:30 AM and have a five-day week starting from Sunday to Thursday. The school has a quality pool of specialist teachers along with a well-trained support staff to assist the kids and to transform their early days of school as the best days of their life!

Cambridge International Primary, lower Secondary and IGCSE, Programme

Primary level – Grade I to Grade VI

The CIPP curriculum of WS is modelled around the ideas, theories, and practices to match the international teaching styles. The endgame of WS is to provide a holistic education and develop the skills necessary to prepare the students for the challenges of life they would eventually naturally face and thrive in the face of them. With that in mind, the primary programme covers English, mathematics, and science as core subjects, and additionally focuses on developing essential literacy skills, numeracy, and scientific enquiry. The management gives special recognition and significance to the study of Arabic language, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies. The concepts designed by the management are an effective measure to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding in three key areas:

  • Academics
  • Personal Development
  • International Understanding

Grade 7-8 – Cambridge Lower Secondary: The programme provides a natural progression for children from primary education and prepares them for post-14 education programmes that lead to formal qualifications. A curriculum framework is available for each subject outlining course outcomes and course objectives to be accomplished by the end of each stage.

Grade 9 – IGCSE: It is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14- to 15-year-old students. It gives students more options than any other international qualification: More subjects to choose from, more ways to learn and more ways to succeed.

Cambridge IGCSE offers a flexible curriculum, with a choice of over 70 subjects in any combination.

Accolades- Accreditations and Awards of WS

Providing quality education is a huge responsibility and World School has worked diligently and consistently in creating an ‘all-around’ development for the students. These efforts have been noted at the international platforms and the school has received various accolades and awards, some of which are mentioned below:

20 medals bagged during the National Cyber Olympiad in the first year.

Received the accreditation from the CIE for the Cam-bridge Primary on May 19, 2014.

Awarded certificate of USBES in 2017.

Won as a Partner under school Partnership Collaborative projects, ISA program of British Council collaboration project 2017-18 from Podar International School, India.

Received certificate of appreciation in March 2018 from British Council for the commitment in providing highest education standards through British Council.

Accredited by The International Accreditation Agency (IAO) and the United States Boards for Education Standardization (USBES) for CSR initiatives.

Accreditation by Common Sense School for school’s dedication to teaching young people how to be safe and responsible digital citizens.

National School Award for “Commendable contribution in International Education by NSA 2019-20.

Best Director Award in the category of Education Excellence by Global Guru’s Conclave, New Delhi 2019.

Best International School of the Year” in “International Business and Academic Excellence Awards (IBAE-2019)” in recognition of school’s exceptional calibre and outstanding performance in the field of Education.

The prestigious Outstanding School for Holistic Education award by IESA (International Education Summit and Awards) 2020 Bangkok, Thailand.

Elite Education Magazine recognized World School as one of “The 10 best schools in Oman-2020” for top quality education along with prominent use of technology.

The Prodigal Playground

Below are a few conducted campaigns of the varied kinds of extra-curricular activities being carried out:

Educational – Honing the leadership skills, WS bestows upon its students the ability to be the future leaders of the world. WS holds its ‘Investiture’ ceremony in September 2019.

Launching new programs every year: Brain lab, abacus, Raz Plus, Mathletics, Science A-Z, reading programs, robotics, and many more to keep our students updated. ISA collaborative and exchange programs to allow students to exchange and test their ideas globally. Debates, declamation, quizzes, mental math and public speaking is a part of routine curriculum in the school to enhance the cognitive skills, reasoning and critical thinking, and personality development.

Social – WS prioritize the social responsibility of the students, therefore organize various campaigns around the year to throw the light on real-world issues.

Vocational – Art, craft, music, and sports are considered as the vital part of the curriculum. Various events are organized throughout the year honing these valuable skills. Field trips and international trips to get the hands-on learning experience and to explore the world. Recently, the tour to London was held where 13 students along with their mentors went to explore the renowned places of educational and historic importance.

Environmental – ‘Go Green’ campaigns in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and climate affairs, Dhofar governate and our social partners Rotana club and Kairaba Mirbat Resort, ‘Say No to Plastics’ campaign on Dahariz Beach and in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and ‘Save water and keeping the environment clean’ campaign done by the pre-primary and primary students in Gardens Mall, Salalah, educating the importance of water and pollution free environment in human lives.

With focus on the holistic development of students by activity-centred learning, enhancing critical thinking faculty, encouraging leadership and communication skills, along with active participation in community services to be responsible citizens and humans.

Orientations and career counselling events are regularly organized in the school. A comprehensive meet with the parents of the senior grade students is organized in the onset of an academic session to discuss various career prospective linked to respective streams and subject choices.

The Pandemic Effect

The global coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench amidst the cycle of the entire global education sector. Each century has experienced its bout with a pandemic like this. Centuries have bestowed its wisdom, knowledge, and faith onto the populations. Although the struggle with this disease has been nothing short of enormous, all manner of essential and non-essential services workers have given their all to combat this crisis. Teachers are no exception. Teachers are used to playing many different roles, but this year demanded more from them than ever before in their careers. They are being asked to be public health experts, Tech support specialists, social workers to families reeling from the effects of layoffs and illness. And they are being asked to take on these new responsibilities against a backdrop of rising Covid-19 cases in many parts of the country, looming budget cuts for many school districts, and a hyper-polarized political debate over the return to school.

The World School, considered to be the best international school in Oman, wanted to present a ray of hope in this ocean of hopelessness. Optimistically, the teaching faculty of WS joined their hands together for the welfare of their students and the society. One of the initiatives by the teachers was to encourage the students to donate one bottle of either Dettol disinfectant or hand sanitizer to the school which further donated to the local hospitals in need as ‘Hamper of Hope’. Their idea ‘Each one gives one’ accomplished and gained a lot of appreciation and rewards from the stakeholders.

The teaching faculty of WS have strived for the wellbeing of the students and the community, launching remarkable initiatives for the same. A school produces doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, scientists, lawyers etc. Besides, all this school also looks after the EQ and IQ of its wards. These are the same wards who will march out like soldiers into the future to defend, protect and build the society that sustains the needs of the community at large.

Prospects of World School

As for the plans and designs of the future, the World School aims at adopting technology to its fullest, given that the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this adoption. To cater to the evolving needs of the new age learners, more personalised learning strategies will present umpteen opportunities to unleash the creative skills of students. Additionally, the school plans at blending entertainment with learning to permit out-the-box thinking and honing of creative skills.

The school believes in skill-centric education as bookish knowledge helps them understand the topic, but only by application of said knowledge to specific trades and applications will help the students shine in the job market. Focus on the field experience, which means opportunities for students to obtain real-world skills that are representative to their jobs, ultimately will create more room for students to fulfil internships, mentoring and collaboration projects.

All of this and more, is what is in store for the near future of World School: an exciting time to be learning!

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