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Yogesh Shashi
Yogesh Shashi

Online Marketing! This is one of those terms that often cross our paths in this highly commercial, competitive, and digital world. Businesses out there have been using the internet to strengthen their businesses and reach their potential customers.

The internet was mostly used by youth for entertainment on mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. But looking at the commercial side of the internet, many significant companies are leveraging the power of the internet for branding and selling their products and services.

Marketing, specifically the new-age online marketing, is the combination of advertisements, branding strategies, and much more that runs in codes behind the screen. In this changing scenario, all these strategies have been leveraging the internet and its unorthodox services to help businesses to grow and flourish in their industries.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been significant growth in online marketing. Many businesses and enterprises rely on digital marketers or collaborate with digital marketing agencies to reach their potential target customers and convert them into loyal customers while maintaining their strong digital presence in the virtual market.

This technological development is thriving the marketing industry at the global level. Today’s generation is techno-savvy and researches various certification courses to enhance their skills, and many students, after graduation, start learning digital marketing. As they know, online marketing has significant future career growth.

After Knowing the demand for digital marketing, Mr Yogesh Shashi established Digital Academy 360 and started his first batch with only 30 students. Since then, he has only aimed to provide blended learning for the students.

The academy has always focused on providing a platform where the students can groom their interpersonal skills. It also provides 100 percent job placements in renowned organizations. In the assurance of this statement, Mr Yogesh, the Founder and CEO of the academy said that they will refund the course fee to the students if they didn’t get jobs through the academy. He also added, “That is how confident we are in our ability to upskill and deliver. I am proud to say that we have had no refund requests so far.”

While having a conversation with The Knowledge Review, Mr Yogesh shared his learning experiences, achievements, and future vision-mission of the academy.

Prospering the Milestones and Achievements

Mr Yogesh Shashi established Digital Academy 360, a digital agency that aimed to represent brands, and he started the agency after completing his graduation in 2009 at the age of 20.

The transition from agency head to pioneering certified education happened due to market demand and a lack of qualified professionals in the market. He wanted to build an ecosystem of learned individuals and qualified professionals by teaching them the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Mr Yogesh’s biggest inspiration has been his mother, who excelled in him by doing tailoring business and creating a big market base for herself in many areas of Bangalore. She used to pay for the education of underprivileged children in the locality, and she was a hero to many. Mr Yogesh’s biggest achievement has been- to be able to make learning completely free for the first batch of Digital Academy 360, which was for about 30 students.

He doesn’t get fazed by the recognition, accolades, and awards that come on his way. He solely focuses on providing a platform for students to achieve digital academic excellence and gain opportunities to find their dream jobs.

Strategies for Educational Upliftment

When we asked Mr Yogesh about his contribution to societal education and enhancement of the academic structure of the country, he responded, “After learning and gaining my certifications in Digital Marketing, I was appalled at the lack of awareness about it. But I always wanted to create an educational platform for people of all ages to learn and understand online marketing. So, the best way to go about it is to encourage discourse about business and marketing. After working persistently, I was fortunate enough to go a step further and set up an educational institution for the same.”

Institute’s Distinct Solutions

Digital Academy 360 is a dream of Mr Yogesh Shashi. Employment in India has always been a hot topic. Every student and individual seeks a dignified job, whereas companies aim for skilled candidates for their various processes.

With Digital Academy 360, the institute aims to bridge that gap. By giving students a necessary tool that schools and colleges fail to deliver. It also helps the students for tempering brand expectations. The academy can create happy relationships for both parties and can create a win-win situation for the students and the industries

If we talk about the uniqueness of the academy, the institute has been placing 100 percent of its students in renowned companies. Mr Yogesh assured his ability to upskill, deliver comprehensive skills, and provide jobs in renowned companies.

Perseverance for Success

At a growing age, Mr Yogesh didn’t have the same resources as today’s kids have. He studied in an era where computers and the internet were fanciful objects and only meant for large businesses, not for schools. After digging deep, he found the answers to entrepreneurship in the realm of online marketing.

The academy has now created an enormous platform where students get the best education- premium tools, full exposure to marketing procedures, live case studies, practical learnings through live projects, and providing one-on-one mentorship for customized learning. The institutes do provide guest lectures from industry experts and much more learning.

The academy keeps track of trendy updates in online marketing; thus, there should not be any hindrance to learning due to a lack of resources.

Galvanizing Pupil

While conversing with Mr Yogesh, we questioned him about the inspiration that drives the students to choose the bright career path. Asserting on this question, he shared his mantra for motivating the students and said,  “In India, students follow a typical template of schooling, college, and then finding a worthwhile job. This only works for a small portion of the lot. Most young people struggle not knowing what they want to become in their life. So, I aim to break the shackles of this illusion. Hundreds and thousands of jobs are out there waiting to be explored. Market requirements are increasing, and the only thing missing is skilled candidates. So, the only motivation I give my students is that there are plenty of jobs waiting for them, all they need is to get qualified. And that only takes 8 to 9 months.”

Retaining and Enhancing Student’s Engagement

The Digital Academy 360 create and give value to its students by enabling an excellent engagement of the graduates. The academy inculcates the formula of blended learning, i.e., both online and offline. Its curriculum strikes a healthy balance between technical skills and practical learning.

Learning can be fun, too, and the students need exposure in several areas such as corporate culture, personal grooming, etiquette, and many other soft skills. It is a great platform for the students to explore all these skills in a matter of months and it has 30,000 students and still counting for more.

Common Message for Students

After a long conversation with Mr Yogesh, an inspiring leader, he shared a life-long global message for students. He says, “Learning new skills and keeping up with market trends are the most important aspects of excelling in any career. This applies to doctors, lawyers, and all professions that keep up with the times and update their knowledge database. So, for students, it is essential to understand that you never stop learning, even at 60. Learning is a lifelong process. Once to understand this, you begin to operate with humility and the eagerness to apply new things in your life and profession.” 

Upcoming Plans for Institute

Later Mr Yogesh enlightens us with his future steps for his institute and postulate, “I believe in growing slowly but strongly. We already have ten centres in South India, and we plan to expand more. Apart from Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, we have brought Full Stack Development and Content Writing programs for students. Data Science programs are something we could explore and provide, given their immense potential. Nothing is fixed. When you learn Digital Marketing, you understand that you must be flexible and ready to pivot all the time. You deliver what the audience wants. So, I am happy with the growth we have enjoyed, and I know this is just the beginning of larger, better, and greater things.

Testimonials of an Institute

There are few testimonials of the students or alumni which have been shared by Mr Yogesh of his academy, who speaks, “Digital Academy 360 has created a unique operation of providing students with the opportunity to learn relevant market skills and become eligible to get employment opportunities in big brands. I am grateful to have completed my post-graduate program here, and I am enjoying the fruits of my hard work. Before joining my course at Digital Academy 360, I was unsure about my career, but now, after learning new skills, I have a steady high-paying job, and my career path seems clearer every day.”

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