1 Simple Principle That Allows You To Cut Distraction And Achieve Your Life Goals
Life Goals

If you walk around and ask people about their goals, you will be surprised to know that most of them have no goals or aims in their life. While many have grandiose dreams, little do they know where to start fulfilling them.

First things first, set your own goals and stick to them. In any circumstances do not doubt yourself or get discouraged by your failures.

Now the question arises how to keep your motivation level high? In this article, I will reveal to you a secret mantra which, when followed, will allow you to tap into endless motivation.

Motivation is the fuel that drives you. Success comes to those who are ready to go that extra mile and push themselves to the limit of their cap[abilities.

And the key to stay motivated is The Goldilocks Rule.

James Clear mentioned the rule in his bestselling book ‘Atomic Habits’ that says-

“Humans experience peak motivation when working on the tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right.”

According to the rule-

If you love badminton and want to play a serious game against a 5-year-old kid, the game will be too easy for you and you will get bored. But, if you play against Kento Momota, it will become too difficult for you. So what will excite you?

Imagine you playing against a player of your level. With the progression of the game, you get engrossed in the game and get motivated to play to win. This narrows down the focus area of your interest and thus motivates you to give your best in the game.

Apart from this rule, you also have to keep a check on the bad habits that might hinder your success.

Some, Break a Bad Habit hacks….

Do not Give Up on yourself

Successful people despite setbacks, keep on moving forward, learning from their failures. Failures are our stepping stones. They mold us to catapult and achieve our life goals. Just like the one time when I went to this kids escape room in the states. My little brother who usually shies away from puzzles was actually the star of that story. Thanks to his ‘i-won’t-give-up’ attitude.

We were visiting my aunt in Illinois, when she mentioned that there were quite a few escape room near me, and that I should check them out with my brother if I had the time.

Thanks to her recommendation. Because once I had played my first game, I went on to play hundreds of games. Recently I visited Warwick and guess what I got when I searched for things to do near Warwick? Even google suggested that I should visit Experimental Escape.

But enough chit, chat about my escape room madness, let’s get back to how to break habits. So moving on to the 2nd most important point..

That is..

Failing to set up goals

Life without a goal is like sailing without a compass. Simple life hacks like setting up your goal gives you a direction and purpose for your existence.

Do not Multitask

Multitasking has been my kryptonite for productivity and creativity for a long time. Efficient multitasking is a strenuous process. There is too much focus on several tasks, at the same time, thus restricting you from concentrating and becoming efficient in one task.

Not having enough sleep

I had a bad habit of binge-watching web series on Netflix. These online series had become a haven for me in my otherwise frantic existence. That is when my mentor told me how sound sleep can increase my productivity and boost my confidence.

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