2024 National Education Advocacy Initiative Launched by News Corp Australia
National Education Advocacy

With an enhanced campaign, News Corp Australia has started its second annual national education advocacy initiative. News Corp Australia’s state-based mastheads will address important issues confronting the nation’s education system, offer solutions, and honor the dedicated teachers improving the lives of children throughout the course of the next six weeks.
Best In Class, a five-day editorial series examining the issues our schools face that lead to subpar student results and providing suggestions to enhance education, launches the campaign. The show looks at the vaping issue, teacher shortages and resignations, a new behaviour curriculum, and the behaviour dilemma in contemporary schools.

News Corp Australia has launched its second annual national education advocacy project with an improved campaign. Over the course of the next six weeks, News Corp Australia’s state-based mastheads will commemorate the committed educators enhancing the lives of children, examine significant concerns facing the country’s educational system, and provide answers.
The campaign begins with Best In Class, a five-day editorial series that looks at the problems our schools confront that result in poor student performance and offers recommendations to improve education. The program examines the topic of vaping, teacher shortages and resignations, the need for a new behavior curriculum, and the behavio
ural conundrum that exists in modern classrooms.

Schools Hub, a data-rich interactive journalism tool that compares and helps parents choose the best schools for their children based on NAPLAN achievement over the last five years, was also published this week. REA data is used in an exclusive piece on Saturday, May 4, to assist readers in identifying the school catchments that will yield the best outcomes.
Australia’s Best Teachers is back on Sunday, May 5, to hono
ur the most creative and inspirational educators in the country. Nominations for the profile of a favourite educator in state mastheads, such as The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail, and The Advertiser, are welcome from students, parents, and colleagues.

This year, news.com.au joins forces with other publications such as rural and regional news leader The Weekly Times, parenting website Kidspot.com.au, and student site Kids News to champion the Best Teachers campaign in Australia.

The campaign will kick off with heartfelt letters and videos from students and well-known figures like Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, acclaimed actress Sarah Snook, and Brisbane Lions AFL coach Chris Fagan expressing gratitude to the teachers who have profoundly influenced their lives.

Anna Caldwell, Editor of the Saturday Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail in Queensland, emphasized News Corp Australia’s enduring commitment to advocating for education. She highlighted the ongoing challenges in the teacher workforce and the declining academic performance of students as issues of national concern. Caldwell expressed the company’s dedication to not only raising awareness about these issues but also actively contributing to finding solutions. She invited the education community to engage with the campaign and collaborate on addressing the most pressing needs in education.

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