3 Reasons to study in Canada
3 Reasons to study in Canada - The Knowledge Review

There are of course too many reasons to study in Canada, but here are the 3 latest reasons that further prove that Canada is one of the best countries to study in.

  1. Canada has an ever-evolving ethnic diversity

This is a universal truth that Canada hosts one of the most diverse populations in the world. Canada has showcased the highest level of tolerance towards various ethnic groups. Currently, the current parliament has turned out to be the most diverse ever. Canada prides in itself of supporting a population that follows multiple cultures. It is even estimated that immigrants could represent up to 30% of all Canadians by 2036. This in itself is a welcoming factor for all the aspirants who wish to procure a quality higher education in a hospitable environment.

  1. Job Opportunities Galore

As per reports, the second quarter of 2017 saw a sharp rise in job vacancies with the total amounting to 460,000; a 17.2% rise from the second quarter of 2016. It has been recorded as the strongest job growth since the start of the millennium. This growth has been largely driven by the professional, scientific and technical industries. This information gets even sweeter with the fact that the current government is supporting the involvement of immigrants in most of the sectors. Thus, promoting diversity even in workplaces.

  1. Favorable Education Initiatives

Complementing the Job growth is the conducive education sector. The Canadian government has taken a lot of initiatives to promote quality higher education in the country. Recently, the Education minister allotted a big chunk of its funding towards the development of 2900 spaces for technology-related programs. This recent news of fresh fundings has given a much-required boost to the technology sector of the country. With a large number of startups emerging from Canada, these tech spaces would prove to be the most helpful initiative taken by the government. Canada even boasts of one of the most preferred student assistance programs in the world. The current student assistance programs have been tweaked to suit the needs of a fast-paced world. With myriad amounts of scholarships and a warm attitude towards education has consistently proved that education of an individual is the government’s highest priority. These programs are proving to be more alluring for the international students than the ones that are found in most of the developing countries. The STEM colleges in Canada are getting big boosts from the government as this eventually tends to boost the manufacturing and export-based economy of the country. Even the norms to procure a student visa have been relaxed quite a bit.

So, to sum it up, the latest scenario looks quite favorable for any student to enroll in an academic program, procure a good job and eventually find a new home in Canada. Its tolerance to a wide variety of ethnicity, the comparatively low cost, well-preserved tourist attractions, a lively society and of course, the presence of some of the most prestigious universities of the world, makes Canada the most preferred Countries to pursue higher education.

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