5 Important facts that you should know about ICSE schools
ICSE schools

Education is a critical part of grooming a child’s life. Since parents always want the best for their children, choosing the right board or the school can be a bit challenging at times. Despite many personal advice and searches on the internet, parents are left unsatisfied with the choice they have made. Every educational board has its advantages and disadvantages, making it hard to compare between them. In India, there are State Level Boards, CBSE Board, and ICSE Board which are the most common and popular ones. Between the above-mentioned 3, the ICSE board, shortened for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, is the most popular and sought-after due to many reasons.

Choosing the right school significantly impacts your child’s holistic development

If you are looking for one of the best ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, then this article might help with many reasons to choose the best ICSE school for your child.

Here are the top facts about ICSE schools: 

1. English as the main curriculum language

The ICSE has core education in English and is restricted to English medium schools, Whereas CBSE Board is affiliated with both English and Hindi.

The board has a broad National and Global recognition certificate of passing offered by ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai, which is considered by many institutions across the world, opening up higher education and career opportunities for your child.

2. High focus on practical engagement

Students are encouraged to have more practical engagement along with academics. This helps them gain hands-on experience with greater understanding.

3. Equal importance to all subjects

The ICSE board, other than academics, offers equal importance to science, arts, and other subjects. Thus, children acquire holistic knowledge and get exposure to more opportunities in future career options. The CBSE board ensures students are well prepared to take on competitive exams for engineering, banks, medical, and rest. The ICSE board offers great exposure to management, literature, and arts. Scoring in scholarship exams or TOEFL is much easier for students from ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai.

4. Extra-curricular activities

ICSE board incorporates physical and Co-curricular activities like sports, drawing, singing, theatre, carpentry, and many more. This broadens the mind and outlook of students and ensures their good health and wellness.

5. Educates and flourishes the young minds

The ICSE school works on the holistic development of children with wide exposure to knowledge, practical-based learning, and teaching through different techniques. It engages students in effective learning. It primarily focuses on learning of English language. The main idea behind it is to educate and flourish young minds for higher academics and career options globally.


The best ICSE schools in Kharghar bring various educational opportunities for your child to explore the field of their interest and allow themselves to learn beyond academics. It encourages children to be good future citizens and imbibes them with self-discipline, strong values, confidence, responsibility, and imagination. It offers the right base for your child to grow towards a brighter future.

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