5 Tips for Making the Most of Digital Counselling During the COVID-19 Outbreak

A few backs back, digital counselling was a rarity. Though there was technology to support this format, there were few takers as most of them prefer face-to-face conversations with the counsellors.

The setback came from interiors of the country where digital platforms were not explored for guidance and counselling. The unfortunate incidents that followed the outbreak of covid-19 changed everything including the mindset of people.

People who were resistant to get virtual guidance and digital counselling have stepped forward owing to the limitation on physical movement. Also every student is loaded with so many queries and concerns, and is anxious to know how life shapes up after the lockdown. This is also a big adjustment phase for the parents and students. They are on the lookout for valid information, and all they want is a reliable source.

Career counsellors also struggled to up their game and make their way into the digital world. This also transforms the segment of career counselling and they have to make the most of this time with perfect planning and execution. Counsellors should also act as catalysts for the digital phenomenon. With the speed of execution and quick results, they can add many services to the ambit of career counselling.

To make the most of this lockdown time and emerge successful in the space of digital counselling, follow these five tips. They help you make a smooth transition.

  1. Research and improve your knowledge

Use the lockdown period to your advantage and invest in learning & development. Read a lot of books and literature so that you can use all this knowledge to help students. Go through the website of all the colleges and universities to get updates on admissions. You should project yourself as a one-stop solution for all the student needs. That’s where you aim to be heading.

  1. Get effective Counselling solutions

You can work your way to set up a career counselling establishment of yours. Heard of Super Counsellor? World’s first incubator for Career Counsellors. Try that. The service helps you establish your counselling business. It arms you with all the tools, assessments, and reports that you can share with your students. That’s a great way to announce your digital presence.

  1. Integrate technology to your business

Technological integration is the key for your business. When you are offering digital counselling sessions, your system has to be robust and must hold all the tests, psychometric tools, instant reports, and more. Not to forget a website to showcase all your offerings. Have Skype or Zoom installed on your computer and use it to connect with your students. You can do one-on-one and one-to-many counselling sessions using these digital platforms. Have some dry runs before your actual counselling sessions so that students and parents get acquainted with the system.

  1. Help students with perfect tools

College fee calculator, Course wise country search, scholarship finder, profile builder – these are all new-age tools which students can use to plan their careers. How good will it be if all these useful tools are available on a single platform and you can help students with them. Super Counsellor also offers these smart research tools that save a lot of your time during digital counselling.

  1. Keep a feedback mechanism

Feedback is important and don’t overlook it. Always start the session with clear objectives and to the end of it, run a quick questionnaire for the student to fill. This will give you an idea of how the sessions are going and whether the students are getting the desired outcome from counselling. This helps you plan your next sessions and rework on any strategy in place. You can also make business decisions based on the feedback.

Let’s welcome digital counselling and touch the lives of many students. Give the necessary support and guidance to those in need, and grow your business. This digital way of giving guidance has immense earning potential and once the lockdown is over, you can switch to both offline and online mode of career counselling.

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