6 Pros and Cons of Studying While Commuting

While some students are still struggling to embrace distance learning, others have already returned to campuses. And though most of the latter consider themselves lucky, there’s still at least one thing for them to complain about: long, tedious commutes are back.

What’s worse, commuting consumes the time that could have been used otherwise. Considering that some need over two hours a day to get to school and back again, it seems an unforgivable waste of the most valuable resource ever.

Naturally, many students try to spend this time to their advantage and study while commuting. But is it really such a great idea? After all, you can always order the best quality essays by native writers on EssayHub essay service when there’s too much homework to do. In that case, you probably won’t have to study on the go.

But what shall you do, then? If idle pastime is not your thing, read on to learn the main pros and cons of studying while commuting.

So, Let’s Start With the Pros

If you like to spend your commute reviewing some notes or brainstorming ideas, you’ll be glad to know why you’re doing the right thing.

You Don’t Waste Your Time

The main advantage of studying on the go is that you spend your time doing something meaningful. It’s even more vital if your commute is long – like an hour a day or more.

Sometimes, these hours can make all the difference as to whether you manage to meet all your deadlines or not. And if your commute to school and back home is not the only one you make in the course of the day, studying on the go can be the primary way to get things done.

You Avoid Feeling Bored

People are different, and while some can sit around looking out of the window for hours, others need action. If you belong to the latter type, long commutes can be a real drag unless you have something to do to kill time.

Of course, there are other options besides studying – for example, listening to music or reading a fiction novel. But to active people, it doesn’t matter much what exactly they are doing – as long as they are doing something. So, studying is as good as anything else.

You Actually Learn Something

Even though some consider learning on the go highly inefficient, it quite often proves otherwise. Some people find it easier to concentrate in a less oppressive environment than their desk at home, where they feel most susceptible to procrastination.

Besides, going through your notes on the commute to school ensures the information sticks in your memory. Plus, you may actually even learn something new and remember it, like, for years. Tested by many!

And Here Are the Cons

On the flip side, there are several disadvantages of studying on a commute. And for many students, they can outweigh the benefits.

Not Having Time to Distract

Cramming too much information into your brain can be counterproductive, especially if you don’t get enough rest at home. We need some time to process the data to retain it, and when you keep feeding your brain something new all the time, it simply “freezes” – much like a computer.

Thus, distracting yourself from studies is vital for your brain to retain all the information you feed it. So, looking out of the window and letting your thoughts wander on your way to/from school is probably not such a waste of time.

Increased Pressure

As we’ve already mentioned, people are different. While some students find it easier to concentrate far from their desks, others can’t focus on their studies elsewhere.

Besides, if you travel to school during peak hours, there are too many distractions and too much hassle. Not the best environment to study in! But even if you manage to concentrate, your brain will waste too many resources on blocking distractions and dealing with the stress simultaneously. Do you really need that?

Danger of Missing Your Stop/Station

You know how stressful it is to find out that you have missed your stop or station and are definitely going to be late because you left home just in time to get to school without any delays, do you?  Funny as it may seem, this one is the primary reason why you probably shouldn’t get too absorbed in anything that requires concentration during your commute.

But then again, studying is not the only occupation capable of consuming all of your attention. So, if you want to be sure you get out exactly where you need to, just listen to the music – and try not to fall asleep in the process.


Studying on the go is something most students do. Yet, despite being generally beneficial, this time management gimmick has a flip side, too. So, if you’re feeling that learning during the commute is too stressful or otherwise uncomfortable for you, consider other ways to get things done and meet academic deadlines.

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