6 Reasons Why Brighton College in Bangkok Provides a Great Educational Experience
Brighton College

Finding the best possible education for their children is something that parents worry about. They naturally want to ensure that they have the best chance of achieving results that can lead to a successful future career.

Those who live in Bangkok are the same. There might be additional anxiety if the adults have relocated, worried that their offspring may be deprived of high standards or gaining qualifications. Well, there is absolutely no need for any concern when any child attends Brighton College International School, which is a fantastic choice for the following six reasons.

  1. There are many schools available around the Thai capital, but parents want to find somewhere that excels and provides something that makes it stand out. One that is a sister school to the highly acclaimed Brighton College in the UK, which was voted England’s “School of the Decade,” is a great start, with similar standards being adhered to across the globe.
  2. Education is provided from the ages of 2 to 18, allowing for a complete educational process to be implemented at the same site, which builds an understanding and affinity, and love for learning without having to change for later schooling. The Preparatory and Senior Schools sit on the same campus, with the latter also incorporating a Sixth Form. Those ready to reach out into a career may benefit from learning tips for students to control their finances.
  3. Benefitting from outstanding teaching and pastoral care, students follow the British curriculum throughout their studies before taking IGCSE Then a range of A Level subjects are tutored, where when successful, scholars will be armed with the qualifications to go on and attend the world’s best universities before commencing a successful career.
  4. Students are provided with the best opportunities to achieve their ambitions as they develop in an environment that encourages learning. An atmosphere of caring, tolerance, and support fills the school, where passions can be chased and nurtured. The care and kindness offered give the best chance for valuable life skills such as politeness, honesty, and respect to grow. This creates a background that has led to 90% of students achieving A or B grades in their A Level exam results in 2022.
  1. Much of the success can be pinpointed towards the amazing modern facilities at the school. The classrooms have everything the teachers and students require to get the most from their learning experience. Maybe parents can relax with a round of golf at a nearby stunning course.
  2. There are plenty of activities to occupy students away from their studies, as there is something for everyone to feel captivated by in the Arts with their incredible amenities. The same applies to those who prefer being creative and letting their abilities show around the campus when using the top-of-the-range facilities to showcase their talent.

Students are guaranteed to enjoy a happy schooling and successful experience at Brighton in Bangkok, in a top-class learning environment surrounded by the very best facilities.

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