According to a Global Survey, the Global Higher Education Technology Market will be worth $169 Billion by 2028
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Egypt hosted the fifth edition of the InnoXera Global Summit, a platform organized by Classera and sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to discuss the future of innovation in education and training technologies. The summit brought together leaders and representatives from ministries and experts in the Middle East and Asia to explore the latest innovations in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Sessions at the summit focused on how AI will transform education at all academic levels, its impact on vocational and higher education, job readiness, and career development. The importance of technology in improving the quality of education and enhancing student experiences was highlighted, with over 1.2 billion students worldwide benefiting from distance learning technology.

Classera, an integrated educational platform, was recognized for its leading role in providing effective educational experiences that combine modern technology and best practices. The summit also discussed market trends and investments in educational technology, with the Middle East and North Africa region hosting 1,500 companies operating in this sector. Egypt was acknowledged as a leader in the region in terms of the size and growth of the education technology sector.

The summit provided a platform for investors, decision-makers, education leaders, teachers, and researchers from around the world to explore and adopt the latest smart learning innovations. Mohammed Al-Madani, CEO of Classera, emphasized the importance of technology in the future of education and training, and the summit’s role in achieving digital transformation goals.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as the conference sponsor, highlighted its commitment to applying modern technologies in education. The ministry has made significant progress in utilizing technology, establishing fourth-generation and technological universities that serve as environments for modern systems and technologies. The summit celebrated Egypt’s efforts to promote digital transformation, innovation, and investment in the education sector, aligning with the country’s strategic vision for 2030.

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