60,000 Students and Educators Benefitted from Singapore-India Teacher Training Project

The Singapore-India collaboration has improved the skills and capacity of Bangalore’s primary school teachers in the subjects of mathematics and science.

Bangalore’s educational system was significantly impacted by the five-year Mathematics and Science Curriculum Enhancement Project, a partnership between the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

The project, which was overseen by Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs) from the education field, sought to improve Bangalore’s mathematics and science curricula. Through workshops, the SIVstrained provided new skills to 160 Indian educators, enabling them to design more engaging courses for their pupils.

46 Indian educators were chosen as the core group of Master Trainers, who then instructed additional teachers in their local areas. Together, 58,700 instructors and students in Karnataka benefited from this partnership, ensuring that local kids now have better access to high-quality education.

Mr. Edgar Pang, the Consul-General of the Republic of Singapore in Chennai, said the following at the project’s conclusion ceremony on June 5: “This initiative between the SIF and Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a great example of how lives can be transformed when people come together and join hands. I hope that the populations of Singapore and India continue to work together in a variety of fields.

Ms Shukla Bose, Founder-CEO, Parikrma Humanity Foundation said: “We are pleased to have worked with the SIF on this initiative. The training-of-trainers approach has ensured that the benefits to our teachers and students will extend well beyond the project. The approach has certainly moved the needle in raising teaching standards here.”

“We learned to use everyday objects as interactive props to facilitate mathematics lessons, along with other teaching techniques like mind-mapping and storytelling,” stated Dr. Prem Mario, principal of Parikrma Junior College.

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