7 benefits of E-learning We All Can Reap
benefits of E-learning We All Can Reap | Education Magazine

The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.”- Cathy Moore

The online learning platform industry has been booming in recent years. The flexibility a student can have while learning has made E-learning platform a promising way of comprehending the study materials. It has increased its appeal among learners who have a thirst for knowledge. In this ever-changing era, Learning new skills is the way to stay on top. Learning continuously for students as well for people holding a full-time job is the way to enhance the skills. Since the inception of everything digital-era, more and more E-learning platforms have been in competition to create better solutions for their learners. This competition between the platforms has benefited the E-learning community by having so many diverse options to choose from along with so many different ways to learn.

Let’s look at the 7 benefits that can be reaped from E-learning:

1) Learning for everyone

When we think about learning and pursuing any courses, higher education and hefty fees makes us gulp. Few of us can afford the higher education we desire. Online learning provides us with an opportunity to pursue the career of our dreams. It allows us to find suitable courses as per our needs. Not only that we can choose from a diverse range of E-learning platforms having diverse range of options where we can choose the type of instructors or online teachers that are suitable for us. The ways of teaching of each instructor varies remarkably with so many creative ways that are astonishing. Mindvalley is a good example of coaches that personalize training programs according to your goals and ambitions. Check out this honest Mindvalley review if you’re considering this platform for learning. Whether to choose the course with pre-recorded videos or attend the courses on live-stream, e-learning allows you with diverse comfortable environment.

2) Promotes active learning

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century is the short attention span. The short attention span has led to a decrease in Student’s concentration, forgetfulness, and disorganization. Most of the students are facing these problems that result in less retention of the study material and poor grades.

E-learning environment promotes active learning. The online educational videos are created in ways that help students engage with the subject of study, solving problems through a diverse range of methods and a discussion forum to discuss problems, new ideas and much more.

3) Effectiveness

Students in schools, colleges and even full-time working professionals are not good in the traditional way of plain lecturing. Most of the content in schools, especially in history, languages, and even in colleges is in textual format, and most people are not equipped to understand the material.

The human brain prefers images that can be easily grasped, rather than plain text. Since, E-learning platforms are designed with illustrations, infographics and other vivid images, it is highly effective to understand the information being presented. It results in better retention, helping the students to achieve better grades. It also allows employees to gain the ability to elevate their skills and apply the new process knowledge in the workplace.

4) It’s Scalable

In this constantly evolving digital era, organizations need to be updated in order to grow and survive. Conventional ways of training employees are not the best solution. It costs a lot to hire an experienced trainer and also takes time for them to inculcate the training. It even hampers the organizations overall productivity. Hence, E-learning provides a better opportunity to constitute and communicate new training, company policies, proposals.

5) Advantages for Teachers and Creators

In the traditional way of education, teachers have a hard time to communicate their message. Not every student can get the proper attention they deserve. E-learning provides a platform where the teachers, and content creators can get their message to their target audience. This guarantees that all the trainees receive the same type of learning.

6) Provides fresh content

One of the biggest advantages of E-learning platforms is that they provide updated content. In these modern times, E-learning assists people to harmonize with the world and keeps them at required momentum.

7) Benefits Environment

The inception of E-learning has impacted each industry without exception. According the Trivantis, one of the major software solutions in E-learning. the paper manufacturing industry is the 3rd largest fossil fuel industry which has dire consequences for mother nature.

E-learning promotes a carbon-free environment by being paperless. It promotes products that will save energy. As per research, it has been found that distance-based learning consumes 90% less energy and 85% less carbon emission. As students and employees can learn from home there is less need to commute and there is no need for buildings and spaces which in turns saves the energy to provide such facilities.

E-learning is the modern way of learning and it is here stay to for a long time. The shortcomings in traditional education such as not able to deliver convenience in the classroom in contrast with E-learning, the study material, the unnecessary consumption of large proportion of

energy to provide these facilities have been significantly replaced by concentrated attention to each student, better assignments, and a comfortable environment of learning which has profited us and has less impact on nature.

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 – Vishal Muktewar

Credit: (Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

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