Srinidhi Naidu: A Leader Fabricating Tomorrow’s Leaders
Srinidhi Naidu CEO Educonindia | the education magazine

A passion for business, a desire for meaningful work, and a willingness to follow the most unpredictable and unexpected paths have all combined to take Srinidhi Naidu, the CEO of Educonindia on the path of an adventurous journey through the education world. According to her, the journey has been the most unpredictable path she had been drawn into. Initially, her mindset revolved around interior designing and architecture. She even followed her father’s footsteps and joined his beautiful interior designing and construction firm. However, deep down her conscience, she knew that she was born to achieve something big and was feeling the pride of it.

Following her heart, she decided to venture out and find her own shoe to step in. Listening to her conscience and self-assessing, she joined a company as an Educational Consultant, which was away from her comfort zone and forte. Her dedication and hard work paid off and she found herself near opportunities and guides, prompting her to lead a pack of strong-willed students towards their destination. Alongside, she also noticed the long-lasting gap between the educational opportunities and queries of students. She came to the conclusion that the system itself has crumbled, which place students into a predefined list of universities and not in the ones they deserve. Once again, listening to her conscience, miles away from her real role, she decided to bridge this gap with real opportunities under the banner of EduconIndia. “From where I see myself today, I hold a perception towards my growth as an outcome of uncompromising ethics and weighted morals, this itself serves as the foundation to EduconIndia”.

EduconIndia: Enabling Young Minds to Chase their Own Dreams

EduconIndia is a professional organization providing the utmost knowledge in overseas educational advisory facilities to learners devoted to studying overseas. It is a known foreign university consultant organization and a favored option for its university training and internship programs aimed at Global Professional Entrance Exams including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. It succeeds in enhancing and transforming dreams to reality by framing the curriculum to be its true potential success secret.

The firm believes in igniting the ‘cause’ and ‘purpose’ of teaching which, in short, can only be achieved when an impactful personal influence is exerted on each aspiring pupil. Throughout EduconIndia’s journey, the teachers were as enthusiastic as the team was in identifying the correct deliverables for the learners to fulfill their goals and become ‘Shine of the Future’. In order to create the former, the firm is well-equipped with the required infrastructure, study atmosphere, reading rooms, and are on the toes to keep the motivation alive. “The concern of a student is the soul to any learning fan and we stress and insist on maintaining that concern large and vivid”.

At EduconIndia, the all-round development of students is a result of a spectrum of factors. Alongside sole learning, the firm perceives and empathize with students to keep them happy and determined and tries its best in moving away from the tedious, mundane, and traditional teaching ways. Every individuals’ way of learning and personalized tips and tricks are lubricated towards their way. In addition, EduconIndia’s research culture is safe, inspiring, and easy for each person to build and acknowledge themselves. ‘A personal balance is maintained and applied when an individual is shaped in a fair manner. It continues to uploading each student to delve into the best of their abilities to raise the scale of being a deliberately educated self’.

Hurdles in the Framework

While talking about the challenges, Srinidhi cites that she knew where she was headed when she thought of establishing EduconIndia. She reveals that there were many of them and quotes some typical stereotype society judgmental threads such as “Do not travel alone at night times”, “Do not stay out for longer hours”. However, being determined, Srinidhi knew that once her firm is set up, it is all going to fade away. “I kept telling myself that it’s all gonna fade away once I armor everything into waving EduconIndia at heights”.

Another obstacle faced by her was that she single-handedly had to hold the weight of the building and managing the pillars of the firm. Moreover, a negative marketing thread also lingered around the firm, which did make a stroll on her. However, once again Srinidhi was determined that these little discrepancies could not disrupt the real agenda behind her pure motives.

Thirdly, she cites that marketing her firm in a very short period of time and spreading the news across the globe to drive in maximum aspirants was a crucial part. Shortly, EduconIndia gained its own reach and success following South India Medical Student Fraternity. This was something big for the firm, for her, for the team. At this point, the firm met a young and brilliant team of digital marketers, VHonk Digital Media and Marketing, headed by Binesh Gaddam, who kept the firm’s pace in terms of reaching out digitally to every student. She concluded by asserting, “Challenges are mostly like crosswords, you struggle until you solve and then laugh over the same. It is only a matter of finding your fit into the crossword and the trouble seize”.

A Vision towards better Education

Srinidhi’s vision for EduconIndia is to hold it as a trusted inevitable solution for all the medical students. Bridging the aforementioned gap of opportunities and students is the sole purpose of the firm and it strives to serve as much as possible driving them to their destinations. Revealing her secrets, she states, “The mantra ultimately sums down to undeterred passion and unwavering hard work, a sure shot to a sorted goal is a definite accurate hit and that’s exactly what we stand by. Tips, Tricks, Materials, and paperwork are however additional boosts to the students”.

Setting the New Standards

Among the countless consultancies in abroad, EduconIndia is unmatched. The reason behind this is the firms’ “Live-Lectures in Person” feature, which connect students and topics on a personal level. Consequently, the firm has accomplished the establishment of outstanding training and superb advice norms. They have pinned down the award-winning medical science professors from overseas and guarantee that the finest teaching processes are held to enable aspiring learners to fulfill their objectives.

EduconIndia has an outstanding record for its techniques of student training and consultancy programs aimed at Global Professional Entrance Examinations including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELT, and TOEFL. The firm is known for the finest ever reliable features right from getting hands on the initial application process to the student’s settlement. EduconIndia has a distinctive structure for its curriculum, including exclusively hosting the professors of Kaplan.

And when it comes to creating interesting learning, the topics, which seem dull and tedious are handled with exciting approaches to guarantee that their subjected significance enters the learners. They conduct recreational outings once in a while to brush the potential of students by activating them through a little fun and festivity. With time constantly changing, they aspire to guarantee that learners are properly placed in what they deserve, rather than wherever they live.

The Future Ride

Srinidhi marks that competition is always healthy for any sector, especially in the education sector where it simply brings advantages to students. In forthcoming years, EduconIndia, in her leadership will pave for the same path. She concludes this by saying, “I want to strive to make EduconIndia a brand for all the right reasons. I see our self as a foundation, a platform, and the best overseas consultancy. We will continue to identify the super ambitious, struggling but aspiring and continue to shape their paths and make their lives. Many more miles to go, many more milestones to hit!”.

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