7 Must-have Skills to Succeed as a Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer

Many people are enamored by the fashion world. Some of them even take up professional Fashion courses online at top fashion institutes. However, certification alone does not guarantee long-term success in this industry. Neither does skimming fashion magazines or emulating top designers on social media feed. It is essential to understand that the fashion industry is highly competitive and with skilled sets, one may not sustain in the sphere. Whether you are starting as a designer or an established one, here’s a list of skills that must have to succeed:

Ability to Visualize: Before bringing your idea onto paper, you must have an elusive picture of the design you plan to deliver. Let there be no limit to your creativity. This particular ability becomes your USP as a fashion designer.

Communication Skills: A fashion designer must have the skill to convey his ideas and thoughts boldly and clearly to his teammates and clients. Generally, certain designing work cannot be executed alone. Thus, building a strong team through sharing of ideas and concepts becomes essential. Apart from interpersonal skills, management skills must also be developed.

An Eye on Detailing: If you are great at sketching, yet lack observational skills, you cannot be termed as a good fashion designer. The unique element of a design is often associated with its impeccable detailing. Whether it’s the embroidery or the folds of a skirt, this skill aids in bringing out the desirable design.

Research Skills: Research is a crucial aspect of every field. If you are not producing the latest designs, you fail to cater to the clients’ choices and needs. Besides, you must engage in research work bearing in mind the bigger picture. Be up to date to industry and global trends and absorb every piece of information relating to fashion from an array of sources.

Knowledge of Doing Business: The motive behind every business is profit-making. Having said that, a fashion designer should know the art of doing business. By that, we mean not just sales but also marketing the products and procuring funds for the smooth running of the business. People may tell you that a creative mind is what makes a designer, but it goes beyond that. While engaging in the designing and creations, don’t neglect the business part.

Competitive Advantage: The fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds every day. It has a hundred thousand competitors who can throw you out of the race. A fashion designer must be ready to produce distinctive designs that bag them the title of ‘trendsetter’ in the industry. Considering that time is money, you must be the pioneer in inventing quality designs.

Thinking Outside the Box: Creativity is an innate skill in some, while many are not that fortunate. You may have appreciated the visual designs featured in top fashion journals. Has it ever occurred to you what sets them apart? It is the creator’s thinking and imagination skills. The good part is that if you make an effort, these skills can be built through practice and learning.

Understanding of Colors and Materials: A fashion designer is supposed to have an understanding of different colors and fabrics. Every color may not suit a specific material and vice-versa. Explore, and be ready to experiment to make a piece of garment like never made before.

If you are passionate about something, you can do anything for it. Thus, developing these skills is not challenging if fashion is your thing. Moreover, be open to seeking opinions and suggestions from your colleagues, bosses, and faculties who have vast experience in the field.

Start by focusing on one skill at a time and gradually moving to another. Don’t be in a hurry to learn everything at one go. Take your time. Hone your skills every day and be the fashion designer the world talks about.

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