A Guide to Take Better Care of Your Dryer Machine
Dryer Machine

Having your commercial dryer machine fail can be a huge setback. You would be forced to either hang the clothes up somewhere once they have gone through the washing machine or go through the hassle of seeking help from another laundromat. None of these options sounds so appealing. Therefore, the best shot you’ve got at preventing unprecedented malfunction is taking better care of your dryer machine. The good thing is you can grasp what there is to learn about dryer machine maintenance with ease. Below, we have defined some of the crucial steps to take better care of your dryer machine.

Remove Lint from Dryer Regularly

If you allow lint to build upon the lint screen, you are subjecting your dryer to work an extra mile to get the job done. Furthermore, in the worst-case scenario – though rarely – lint buildup could cause a fire. That said, it’s crucial to ensure that no lint builds up on your dryer machine.

One of the ways to prevent the buildup is by checking the filters keenly. If you are not careful, the filters could end up clogged, which affects their effectiveness. When the filters are not at their best, lint and dust can find their way into other parts of the dryer, posing a risk. Besides checking the filters, be sure to clean the entire cabinet and burner at least once a year.

Only Load Freshly Washed Clothes

Some clothes may be wet for other reasons, not because they went through the washing machine. For instance, clothes will be wet after a day on the beach. If you load soiled clothes in the dryer, there is a risk of getting dirt and other materials into the dryer. In some cases, the dirt could clog the dryer, or even worse, erode some of the parts.

The solution is simple: always ensure that the clothes entering into the dryer are freshly washed. If you need to dry clothes that got wet through alternative methods, it would be best to load them into the washing machine first.

Take Care of the Outside Too

If you are like most people, the concept of dryer maintenance refers to taking good care of the inside. But the outside needs to be taken good care of too. For instance, ensure that you wipe the outside at least once a week. If you don’t wipe the machine down, there is a possibility the soap residue will corrode its finish, especially if you place your freshly washed clothes on top of the dryer before putting them inside. Most importantly, ensure that the surrounding is also free of dirt, lint, or moisture. You can do so by vacuuming behind and underneath it at least four times a year.

Clean the Duct Regularly

A clogged duct will undoubtedly decrease the overall performance of your dryer machine, which is bad for business. Besides, when the vent has an obstruction, you might notice a spike in the energy bill, not to mention the increased risk of malfunction. Additionally, if lint builds up in the dryer, it poses a fire hazard. But you can combat the situation even before it gets there by making vent cleaning part of your regular maintenance routine. To be on the winning side, be sure to hire professionals to clean the duct at least two times a year.

Stick to the Specified Capacity

Each dryer machine has a specified capacity, which you should refrain from overloading. You might wonder what’s the danger of overloading your machine. Top of that list is that overloading your machine increases lint in the trap, which in turn hinders the free flow of air. Overloading your machine also causes harm to the pulley assembly, spindle bearings, and the belt. Besides, when you overload your machine, it has to work harder, which leads to overheating. By sticking to the specified capacity, you lower the likelihood of breakage and explosion.

Parting Thoughts

The dryer machine is a crucial part of the laundry process, and you don’t want to jeopardize your effectiveness. By taking good care of your dryer machine, you can be sure of efficiency, which means a longer life span and reasonable energy bills. You might consider hiring a professional for some of the steps, but it’s worth the investment.

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