A New Era of Learning
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Our editorial team sat down and discussed the primary advancements that have been progressed since our own education. Answers in the form of complaints were majority same; we did not have such choices and resources when we were studying. The social media, electronic devices, internet were not present in our time. Internet was decent, but we could not afford the bandwidth required to access the internet for the same and that too on the limited systems of 512MB RAM. Another point that came out of the discussion was that our parents also used to convey the same words. They did not have mobile phones, not even an ‘I’ of the internet, no facilities and not to mention, their frightful tales of reaching the school; how they cut across the seas, defeating aquatic animals, crossing tracks barefoot in the negative fifty degrees etc. The conclusion was the same and the most evident one-the technology will never stop evolving, and the upcoming generation will always have the upper hand. Therefore, here we are at another level of education, which is available easily but requires the will in distracting the distractions that the current advancements bring along with it to achieve a successful career.

The digitization has contributed a considerable effect on the education. It has revamped how education is imparted and consumed. Outperforming the reading and writing via the book-based learning methods, it has transformed the conventional classroom practices into interactive systems eradicating the long hour boring sessions and transforming it into a lively environment. In conclusion, educational trends have made the learning and teaching simplified for the students and teachers.

The key factors altering today’s level of education are the smartphones, infiltration of internet, governmental initiatives like Digital India, cloud-based learning, going paperless, and the inclusion AR/VR in the education. These platforms have made it easy to access the performance of students, teachers, and the effectiveness of the technology being utilized. Furthermore, the plethora of IT related platforms and edu-startups have surged new version of learning modules in the ever-changing demands of education.

Education very much like technology can be compared to the ripple in the water, carrying forward the trends in the industry. The best thing to do in this scenario is to be innovative and have the willingness to adapt to modern developments surrounding us.

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