A Novel Teaching Plan; Catching the Lightning in a Bottle
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The educational fraternity has seen many sweeping changes and continues to evolve. Moving ahead from classrooms, libraries, lectures, and books, this modern-day education has heralded a new dimension. May it be the schools, the teaching style or other aspects of education, there have been many alterations. However, one major change that had occurred was the paradigm shift from ‘what to teach’ to ‘how to teach’. The schools today have changed their focus from just teaching different subjects, they now focus on providing education and values to students that stays forever. To achieve the same, schools and teachers are emphasising on imparting knowledge in a personalized manner. They are now engaging students in relevant materials and instructions that are based out of their interests, skills and needs. If this learning strategy is applied correctly, personalized learning can move mountains for students.

Technology today has changed everything; hence, having access to any kind of information has now become very easy. It means that students too, are aware of the going-ons of the world, which will further ignite their mind. Consequently, the young minds, which are filled with information about anything and everything, are looking for teachers to bring-in robust, useful, and varied materials that can fuel their knowledge further.

Sometimes the best thing to do with well-designed, thoughtful and effective study material is to throw it out the window with a whim.

However, holding the attention of all the agile minds in the classroom in not a piece of cake, the easiest trick to it is, Know Your Students. Improvising a lesson plan or teaching technique is not possible until a teacher listens and learns from their students. Being attentive to the student’s interests and views will help teachers know them better. They can further engage the students in conversations, lessons and discussions that interest them. Create an environment where students are free to ask questions, talk about new findings (something that they found out).  If done thoughtfully, creating a lesson plan based on the current events, student’s interests (given the time is appropriate) will help teachers create a dynamic and personalized learning experience.

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