Seta International School: Building Tomorrow’s World with Today’s Children
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Our goal is to provide children a balanced and complete educational program in a family-like and well-equipped environment

Seta International School was founded in 2001 on the ideals of a mother who believed that children need an enriching balance of body and mind in order to be fully competent in the 21st Century. The school welcomes children ages 18 months to 6 years old, in a cozy family house style facility. It relies on the support and communication between teachers, students, and parents to foster students’ growth.

The school provides practical education which focuses on balancing the mind and body for the child’s current developmental needs through its unique curriculum. The mission of the school is based on what all parents wish for their children, to foster a strong sense of balance between children’s physical, emotional, social and academic well-being.

Story behind the Inception

The journey during the establishment started when the Founder of the school searched for a kindergarten for her son back in the day. The only choice she had was to take admission in either an academic-based kindergarten or in a play-based kindergarten. Hence, she decided to create a school with the motto, “play well and learn well”. Throughout these years, she has seen that this spirit has lived on to till date. Since the establishment of the school, she believed that it has been made possible only because of the strong team of professional teachers keep in mind to be aware of the children’s needs at all times, following the spirit.

Enriched Curriculum of Seta

Seta’s program is designed to nurture children of all linguistic backgrounds through an appropriate program tailored to the particular stage of each child’s development. The curriculum of Seta focuses on the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and creative needs of each child. Seta International School is a place where children are given the opportunity to learn and grow as whole individuals.

The school activities address the needs of the total child. It believes that social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth is interrelated and is of equal value. The school is designed to encourage and guide children in the development of self-discovery, individual responsibility and intellectual growth. It believes that children can reach their full potential if they are able to develop a positive self-image. To emphasize this goal, the school offers healthy environment in which they can learn to choose their activities, cooperate, share and form friendships with peers. Seta emphasizes helpfulness, fairness, willingness to use one’s abilities for the benefit of others, and the importance of being a global citizen who cares for the environment and other cultures.

With the changing years, the curriculum of Seta also gets upgrade. However, the curriculum always includes the following parameters:

  • Cultural and historical events and world holidays
  • Monthly or Seasonal Events
  • Theme-based activities
  • Language arts
  • Math and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Development of large and fine motor skills
  • Science through experiments and hands-on activities
  • Social Studies
  • Japanese Culture
  • Music & Art

Seta’s Philosophy

The school encourages developing and maintaining a strong balance between body and mind. It believes that giving children a variety of activities targeted specifically to their own age group is of the utmost importance. As parents, we tend to focus heavily on the academic development of our children. However, among those children who only excel in language or math studies, few may actually grow up to become high-level achievers. Moreover, what is important at this stage of their childhood is enhancing the child’s emotional, physical, and social aptitudes, and enabling them to have a curriculum that is specifically suited to match their age group. Children are like different flowers about to bloom; When they will fully blossom depends on their own developmental pace.

Health & Safety at a Priority

Health and safety has the topmost importance at Seta. The school specifically enlightens the importance of health during its annual health weeks when the dentist and nurse visits them. Having lived in a highly seismic country, the school also conducts evacuation drills.

Seta is more concerned for the growing food allergies in school and around the world. As the school values cooking activities, it tries best to keep the food allergy-free in the activities. To provide everyone with a safe environment, the school policy may ask children not to bring certain foods to school or school events. The Staff members at Seta are trained in CPR and first-aid equipment is also available at school. A local hospital is situated at 5-minute away from the school campus where serious injuries are treated.

In terms of safety, a field trip to the local fire station is the pivotal factor in Seta’s safety learning. This gives children an opportunity to meet the fire fighters, see the fire engines and ambulance closely along with trying out their uniform and the equipment.


Seta’s graduates continue their education at international elementary schools, Japanese elementary schools or elementary schools abroad. The students of the inaugural class have just graduated from their universities in the recent years. Seta International School has received many exciting and proud updates that the alumni earned their degrees from esteemed universities, and have ventured out in the world.

Every student who has attended Seta, be it for one year or five, has becomes a crucial member of the Seta’s Alumni Family.

  • “I would like to thank the Staff, Teachers, parents and families of Seta International pre-school for welcoming us into their community over the past 12 months. Moving to a foreign country is in itself a daunting prospect, but one which is particularly more profound when you don’t speak the language. I would like to thank the staff and teachers of Seta International pre-school for helping us cope in our transition, and the on-going helpfulness in settling us into life in Japan. Our family experience at Seta International was a thoroughly enjoyable one. The personal care and attention our children received from the caring International teaching staff was excellent, and more importantly our children enjoyed and looked forward to pre-school each day. The friends we have made through the school over the past 12 months have made of lives here in Japan a great deal easier and enjoyable; especially given the absence of friends, family and support back home. I would welcome and recommend foreign families to Seta International pre-school and hope that you too, enjoy the same experience we have shared.”

-G. & R.P., Australia

  • Our son started with the age of two at SIS. The warm atmosphere, the small classes as well as the mixture of nationalities convinced us from the beginning. But also the planned activities and the educational program was a strong factor for our decision. In the meantime our son has made many friends, and he likes to go to SIS every morning. He is communicating easy in English with his Japanese & international friends and mates. The field trips are always interesting and exciting for him. It was a good decision to go to SIS.”

-M. & B.H., Germany

  • “My son, who will turn four soon, has been a student at Seta International School now for one year, and I can say that the time at the school has shaped his character and behavior very well. The teachers of the school have a very professional attitude and educate the children in a way that allows them to learn about their environment and themselves, and gives them room to grow and prosper. The Social as well as academic curriculum is well thought through, and also the effective treatment of the kids is tailored to their individual needs. My son will stay in the school and I am looking forward to seeing him thrive and grow. I can certainly recommend the school to other parents who want their kids to develop their character and skills in a healthy environment.”

-B.&C.W., Austria

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