Activities to Carry Out during Holiday Breaks

One thing that the students wait throughout the semester is the holiday breaks. After months of studies and hard work, they plan to rest and spend some leisure time at home, or go for a holiday trip. Many of them do not want to engage in anything else, rather than sleeping and watching their favorite shows and films. But, instead of spending most of the time in leisure, students can also engage in various productive activities.

All of us want to enjoy and have a great time during the holidays. It is the time when we want to catch up on all the things that we have missed during the semester. This does not mean that we cannot sleep, or have fun. But, making time for activities which are beneficial for our educational and career growth can help us in the future.

Preparing a Schedule for the Next Semester

Students can plan for the upcoming semesters. This will make things easier for them and they will be ready for the next semester. They can check out which subjects will be covered and plan their studies accordingly. Moreover, knowledge of the subjects can help students to manage their studies as per the importance of the subject.

Building a Strong Resume

Students can take up internships with various companies and institutions to hone their skills. This will provide them a basic idea about the industry. It will also boost their confidence, enhance their skills, and broaden their knowledge about the industry or sector they are interested in. Pursuing internships is very important for students who are in the last semester of their degree course and are looking for potential employment opportunities. It will also nurture their professional skills and get their resume in shape.

Engaging in Creative Activities

Spending the holidays by performing activities involving art, craft, and creativity can also be very useful for students. Individuals with flair in cookery could enroll in a baking course or simply prepare various dishes, cakes, sweets, and other desserts. Others can also engage in music, dance, skits, and other such activities to cultivate their creative side.

Nurturing the Healthy Side

It is very difficult for students to perform exercise and conduct healthy activities when colleges and schools are on. Many students engage in unhealthy snacking; even if many students try to maintain a healthy diet, it becomes very difficult to maintain the same during semesters. Hence, during holidays, students can carry out various exercises, eat healthy food, and also play various outdoor games. This will not only make them healthy, but will also lift their mood, enhance their concentration, and foster team work among them. During holidays, students can also go for long walks and trekking with their friends and family, which will be beneficial for their health.

Participating in Group Activities

Group activities nurture teamwork, and foster a sense of mutual respect and understanding among individuals. During holidays, students can take part in various cultural activities like group dances and songs. They can also take part in team sports like football and cricket. Also, parents should motivate the students to participate in various events like youth parliament, skits, debate sessions, and so on. Carrying out such activities will help in building the students’ confidence and contribute in their personality development.

Preparing for Competitive Exams

Holidays are the best time for students to plan for their career growth. Competitive exams are lucrative options for students to pursue a respectable job in government and private sectors. When schools and colleges are closed, students can devote their time to study and prepare for competitive exams. Ambitious students can concentrate more on studies and research, rather than spending time on leisure and entertainment.

Conducting Get Together Parties

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’, is a proverb which goes well for everyone, especially students. If students engage in studies all the time, then they will feel bored and lose concentration. Parents should assist students in conducting get together parties, where they can meet, interact, and have a good time with their friends. This will not only act as a means of entertainment and recreation, but also will allow students to socialize and know each other better.


During their holidays, students can also volunteer for a social cause or participate in various extra-curricular activities. They can look around their community and take part in various activities which are not only educative and entertaining, but are also beneficial for the society and the country, for example, participating in a tree plantation campaign, or donating alms to the needy.

Holidays are the times when students want to take rest and engage in fun activities. But, if students mange the time to carry out the above mentioned productive activities, it will be beneficial to them both academically and from their career viewpoint.

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