AD The Design School: A Destination Rendering Artistic Values
AD The Design School
AD The Design School

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future,” a very famous quote by Robert L. Peters, holds significant importance. In earlier times, Indian society was more focused on making a career science. But, today, students, as well as their parents, are more open to the idea of pursuing a career in an artistic field.

Having said that, currently, there are a very few institutes where students willing to pursue a career in arts and related field receive practical knowledge. AD The Design School is one such institute that visions and acknowledges students to have the best experience in interior design, fine arts, and various other trending programs showcasing excellenct training facilities.

AD The Design School was established under the umbrella of the AD Education Foundation in the year 2005. The design school was initiated with the purpose of imparting professional level training to students aiming to pursue design and art-related courses.

Student-centric Institute

To adapt to the changing needs of the current world, AD The Design School equips its students to withstand the market complexities and be future-ready. The institute offers courses like interior design, fine arts, painting, sculpture, furniture design, product design, and photography. AD The Design School has highly experienced faculties who are dedicated to providing the best knowledge with rich professional experience in their respective streams.

With advanced infrastructure and modern amenities, AD The Design School aims to prepare students for trending professions. It creates the perfect environment for the students to learn and achieve their career goals. The objective of the institute is to allow its students to gain a complete education in an integrating, warm and dynamic environment while pushing them to inculcate the entrepreneurial skills.

The Architect of AD The Design School

AD the Design School is the work of visionary educationist, the Chairman, Mr. Amar Singh Saini. He is a retired artist from a government school. On the other hand, Mr. Vikash Kumar Saini, the Director plays a key role in the progress of the institute.

Vikash is a talented personality with interpersonal skills. He is well experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. His entrepreneurial skills have helped the institute to develop social and industrial contacts, public relations and strategic planning. Under his guidance, the school has initiated the purpose of imparting professional level training to students.

Inculcating Practical Knowledge

AD the Design School believes in training the students by applying the methodology of learning by doing. It gives utmost importance to the practical approach and understanding the methodology from the idea to the end product. The main objective of the school is to develop its students into professionals while maintaining a social and cultural balance while imparting value-based education.

As art and design are considered as two major dynamic sectors of the economy, it has been said to providing jobs and a myriad of opportunities. A pragmatic approach in conducting the design and fine arts programs to inculcate professionalism through a systematic process has been adapted by AD the Design School.

In order to prosper in this fast-moving job market, AD the Design School’s motivate the students to be practically grounded. Apart from embracing creativity, the school promotes critical thinking which in turn helps students to reflect and relate to their colleagues and clients.

Employability is at the centre focus of AD the Design School’s programs. To equip its students to meet the challenges of the industry, the institute provides them with appropriate practical lessons.

Impeccable Journey

Since the time of its inception, AD the Design School has been a leading institution for interior design and fine arts courses. It has an outstanding performance and has been ranked amongst the finest and most commendable academic institutions in the NCR. The institution takes immense pride as it has bagged the India Education Awards, 2018 for the category of Interior Design.

Along with this, the institute has received the title of Best Interior Design and Fine arts institution in 2019 and Best Design School 2020, consecutively in the Pride of Indian Education Awards by Brand Impact. Vikash says, “We are even proud to announce that our students have participated in inter-college events and would like to highlight the fact that our design of multipurpose furniture was highly praised when we were selected to participate at FOAID 2018, Delhi. Our FOAID Entry, as a product Design, was highly appreciated and this further inspired AD The Design School to start the new course in Furniture Design and photography.”

With the dedication for constant growth, AD The Design School is planning to add new pages of development to its book of success. The institute also wishes to expand itself as well as its students’ knowledge through continuous learning so as to match the technological changes and growing market trends.

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