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Mission: “Our University transforms the lives of all students by creating a distinctive environment of intellectual rigor, research, creativity and deep community engagement across four core areas of focus: arts and humanities, STEM and social sciences, the professions, and health and wellness.”

Adelphi University is a highly awarded, nationally ranked, powerfully connected doctoral research university offering exceptional liberal arts and sciences programs and professional training with particular strength in its Core Four—Arts and Humanities, STEM and Social Sciences, the Business and Education Professions, and Health and Wellness. Adelphi is dedicated towards transforming students’ lives through small classes, hands-on learning and innovative ways to support student success.

Founded in Brooklyn in 1896, Adelphi is Long Island’s oldest private coeducational university. Today Adelphi serves over 7,900 students at its beautiful main campus in Garden City, New York—just 23 miles from New York City’s cultural and internship opportunities—and at dynamic learning hubs in Manhattan, the Hudson Valley and Suffolk County, and online.

Adelphi University students learn with cutting edge technology, hands-on training and instructors who understand the demands and realities of today’s workforce. More than 100,000 Adelphi graduates have gained the skills to thrive professionally as active, caring citizens, making their mark on the University, their communities and the world.

Adelphi: Experience Tradition and Expect Success

  • Adelphi’s main campus occupies 75 picturesque acres in Garden City, New York. Our $76 million, 100,000-square-foot Nexus Building, which opened in Fall 2016, houses ultramodern simulation laboratories for their nursing students and technology-rich classrooms for all students.
  • The Game Development Lab at Adelphi is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, like high-end desktops and multiple virtual reality (VR) headsets, including the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and the HTC Vive.
  • Students majoring in Computer Science can pursue a concentration in Information Security, and the newly opened Cyber Security Lab provides a resource to develop techniques for improving security for networks including hospital systems, e-commerce and more.
  • Adelphi University has been nationally recognized and cited by several well-respected organizations and publications such as The Princeton Review, U.S. News and World Report and Forbes as a top choice for a quality education.
  • An average 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, with exceptionally high academic quality, gives every student hands-on learning and close interaction with excellent faculty. Their belief in one-to-one learning is revolutionizing the university experience for thousands of students.
  • Adelphi envisions becoming a nationally respected leader—a standard bearer—for redefining the practical and personal value of education for students, helping them define their success in the classroom, on campus, in careers and communities, and beyond.
  • Juan Carlos Pérez ’07, M.A. ’08, was 11 when he came to NY from Mexico. After earning a scholarship to Adelphi’s Honor College, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in education, today he teaches newly immigrated students in NY public high school.
  • Adelphi students are making their mark across academic fields and country borders. Adelphi students have garnered Fulbright Fellowships for research and service abroad. They have been recruited to leading universities for graduate work and to premier global companies, such as Google, to pursue rewarding careers

Sagacious Educators of Adelphi

Assistant Professor Dempsey Hyatt, Ph.D., works with chemistry students on research projects, including as members of his undergraduate Hyatt Research Group. Earlier this year, he and one of his junior members spent hundreds of hours analyzing and testing a .3-millimeter crystal of a molecule sample using Adelphi’s nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer.

A $300,000 grant went to associate professors Brian Stockman, Ph.D., chemistry chair, and Melissa Van Alstine-Parris, Ph.D., who have been guiding the undergraduate students in research that may pave the path for new treatments of a drug-resistant parasitic infection.

Justyna Widera, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, studies and tests materials that could make photovoltaic cells more efficient and cost-effective. In 2016, her efforts were rewarded with a $246,000 grant over three years from the National Science Foundation.

Assistant Professor Hasan Sapci, Ph.D., oversees the Health Informatics Training and R&D laboratory in Nexus—which includes two telepresence robots plus computing tools to establish a distributed medical information database.

Cindy Maguire, Ph.D., acting associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences established the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) collaborative, an interdisciplinary group of 17 faculty members who are passionate about creative research.

A Competent Leader Empowering Team Diversity and Performance

Christine M.  Riordan, Ph.D., first woman President at Adelphi University, is an internationally recognized expert in leadership development, team building, and diversity and inclusion, and is recognized for her groundbreaking initiatives to personalize and transform the higher education experience. She is the first woman to serve as president of Adelphi. Ever since her appointment as Adelphi’s 10th president in 2015, she has launched a remarkable turnaround strategy that has led to a boost in enrollment, increased fundraising, greater recognition and new strategies to promote student success, diversity and inclusion. Dr. Riordan has published more than 60 academic and business press articles, is authoring a book on leadership and is a frequent speaker on leadership and overcoming challenges, including her TEDxAdelphiUniversity talk, “Dare to Be Extraordinary.”

“At Adelphi, where we personalize the college experience for each of our students, we have special insight into the challenges our young students face, from the time they walk into their first college classroom, throughout their college careers. Our mission is to empower our students not just as academicians, but also as well-rounded individuals,” asserts Dr. Riordan.

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