After a Historic Three-Week Strike, Students Are Returning to Minneapolis Schools

Teachers’ union leaders and city officials reached an agreement to halt a three-week strike over poor pay, a lack of diversity among teachers, big class sizes, and student mental health issues on Tuesday, and students are back in school across Minneapolis.

The city’s first labor conflict in more than a half-century kept roughly 30,000 students out of school for 14 days.

“We recognize that this is significant not just in terms of how long we were out, but also in terms of the solidarity of our chapters,” Minnesota Federation of Teachers President Greta Callahan said. “We shouldn’t have had to go on strike to win any of these things, any of these critical supports for our students. But we did, and everybody sees that now.”

“We’re happy, but we know this isn’t enough,” she said. “This does not create the schools our students deserve, but it is certainly one step closer.”

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