AIBTGlobal: The Face of Vocational Education in Australia

With an emphasis on providing world class education and delivering optimum practical training and experience to students Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBTGlobal) was established in 2015.

AIBTGlobal is a private Vocational Educational Provider in Australia specialising in vocational training to both international and domestic students offering Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, and Graduate Studies. The institute has spread its wings across Brisbane, Sydney, and Hobart delivering almost 90 Australian qualifications to over 3,100 international students from over 70 destinations across the globe.

The faculties provide the right tools, environment, and practical training to students to maximise their learning capacity. AIBTGlobal practices a complete in-house curriculum designed to ensure that it is fully aligned and adapted to its international students’ background. The curricula comprises of over 90 programmes in various disciplines including business, commerce, aviation, hospitality, dental, health care, childcare, electrical and mechanical trades, and information technology.

The institute has also established a strong partnership with Griffith University and is currently running the Advanced Diploma of Electronics & Communications Engineering through the University in Queensland, which gives the international students credits towards a university degree in Engineering.

Established Paths

The institute follows the philosophy of providing educational experiences that support the unique needs of students and working adults as they transition towards new careers. The institute emphasises on its motto of being “stronger together.”

Its utmost goal is to support the career development of students with the acknowledgment as one of the most innovative, premier professional colleges of Australia. With the vision of achieving the ultimate goal, the institute is looking forward to finalising their higher education application and strengthen its work culture with the local and international business partners.

An Expert Faculty

 The trainers create a positive open environment that optimises classroom learning by addressing student needs, with relevant class-building activities structured to give students opportunities to investigate, explore and develop new ideas and insights enabling them to perform better academically.

AIBTGlobal considers itself as a highly multicultural organisation that embraces diversity and sovereignty. The institute incorporates more than 150 diversified staff throughout all campuses within Australia and 25 staff members from across the sphere. The pioneer comprises of world class trainers streaming them into 9 distinct faculties with their unique structure which comprises of head of operations, head of training, national compliance officer, national compliance manager and a pool of trainers.

The institute provides immaculate faculties and, dedication to service and, innovative pathways, becoming the supreme choice of training provider by many students. The professionals at the institute, an experienced team of industry-focused educators provide training programmes designed to up skill and engage staff, increasing productivity for the organisation.

AIBTGlobal also has an in-house career development team that looks after vocational placement for every student. They have successfully established a state-of-the-art Dental Lab in Brisbane and has partnered with many of Australia’s leading Health Care professionals to deliver placement in particular for their Dental, Nursing and Aged Care faculties. Establishments have also partnered with various leading automotive and electrical businesses for the vocational placement of their Science Tech faculty students.

A Pragmatic Learning System

The uniquely designed assessment design helps in creating a focus on practical skills, job readiness rather than theories and fundamental frameworks. Centring on job readiness, real world practical training and emphasis on job placements are AIBTGlobal’s key differentiators.

AIBTGlobal takes pride in providing their students with a comprehensive education inclusive of real-world hands-on training to equip them to be job ready. Alongside with current vision of planning job ready qualifications, the institute also launched practical training for the large pool of hospitality and cookery students at the fully equipped Sheldon’s Training Restaurants located in Brisbane and Sydney. This has proven to be a big hit among international students and has essentially transformed into the main competitive edge.

Science Tech students also receive industry current training and experience in their fully operational Edison Engineering Workshops located in Brisbane and Sydney.

Another initiative the institute has embarked on with QLD TAFE and James Cook University, QLD is taking on their international students as interns at AIBTGlobal. This partnership has become very successful and has since converted roles into long term contract part time roles in AIBTGlobal family.

The Leading Light of the Institute

The young and dynamic, Fiona Kee is an inspiration for others to dream large, embrace the challenges to turn ambitions, goals, and dreams turn to reality with her leadership qualities. Challenges or trying new ideas are never a setback for Fiona Kee, because of her creative and innovative ideas.

These ideas have allowed Fiona to embrace the cultural diversity in every corner of the organisation to be accepted and implement structures according to it. It is her belief that a workplace needs to operate in accordance with a proactive and collaborative team culture. Her innovative and creative leadership has led the institute to become one of the largest providers of VET courses to international students in Australia in just 4 years.

Fearlessly trying new things is evident in AIBTGlobal’s strategic journey over the last 4 years, establishing themselves ahead in the education industry creating new waves of the learning experience for both staff and students.

Fiona Kee was recently awarded winner of the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor’s “Multicultural Business Person of The Year 2018”.
Prides of the Institute

In March 2018, AIBTGlobal held its first Annual Global Conference in Singapore, attracting dignitaries from the Ministry of Education to over 300 business partners and educational agents world-wide. The event turned out to be a great success and has propelled AIBTGlobal to new heights enabling them to further grow their diversified culture, portfolio, people and products. Later this year the Annual Global Conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand and will feature world leading education and industry experts with information and training sessions for their educational agents. Institute’s top Students of the Year nominees from each faculty will be rewarded for their outstanding achievements and will join the institute for a Student Study Tour in Thailand, including a Gala Dinner and Awards presentation.

Many of their graduates have secured credits at several Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Hong Kong universities, while other students have successfully secured jobs within Australian Hospitals and aged care facilities, within the hospitality industry and automotive industries.

Layout for the Future

Institute’s drastic growth over the small span of years has swayed them to set their medium and long-term plans to open their own wellness and beauty academy and grow their study tour business to welcome more overseas youth to experience the multicultural diversity of Australia. Further, AIBTGlobal is also aiming to tap into more rigorously planned job ready programmes for the students to support them progress and integrate into the Australian workplace environment.

AIBTGlobal’s ambitious goals are driving it to partner with more prestigious vocational institutions worldwide to design dual country programmes to offer enhanced flexibility in gaining two countries vocational qualifications upon completion of AIBTGlobal programmes.

With the confidence to achieve its goal within the next 24 months, AIBTGlobal has set on a journey that will lead it towards being one of the top vocational institutions in the Oceania region.

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