AISSMS Institute of Information Technology to host its 12th flagship event ALACRITY 2020 from 17th to 21st FEBRUARY

ALL INDIA SHRI SHIVAJI MEMORIAL SOCIETY’S Institute of Information Technology will be organising its annual 5 day cultural tech fest from 17th to 21st February- ALACRITY 2020. ‘ALACRITY’ which literally means enthusiasm in culmination of cultural, technical, sports and social events. ALACRITY is an event of the students, for students and by the students. ALACRITY has its very charismatic legacy and is rated in top 10 events of the city. We value the efforts of engineer in the society and that is why it has adapted the tag line ‘Reward of Being of an Engineer’. The event consists of more than 70 plus events altogether from cultural, technical, sports and social domain. The reason for ALACRITY’s long running success is its huge support of students and faculties. The effort put in by the team draws participation from colleges all over the country.

The inaugural and valedictory ceremony of Alacrity, every year is a must watch for audience. Prominent personalities from various field are invited as guests. This year Alacrity will be inaugurated by Quick Heal Managing Director, Kailash Katkar. The night events conducted are very glorified and attract a huge number of audiences. These events provide a platform for different talents, potentials, ideas and sponsors to gain limelight. This year the team is planning to host night events such as Retro Night, Burst the Beatz (Group Dance), Body Show, Glitterati (Fashion Show) and the whole extravaganza is concluded with the valedictory ceremony. A special mention to also the decorations being prepared by the students which have taken the ALACRITY 2020 to next level. The best part about the décor of ALACRITY is that everything has been prepared from scrap material without any special funding. To mark the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj, Alacrity is also conducting an exhibition in association with Shivdurga Pratisthan. Besides this it has been a custom to ring in the celebration of Maharaj’s birth anniversary with the jubilant Dhol Pathak organised by the students themselves.

In order to create a buzz in the city regarding ALACRITY, various pre events are also conducted. This year the team introduced first of its kind ‘PUNE HIP HOP CYPHER’ where more than 30 rappers and hip-hop dancers performed and showcased their talents in the college campus. The students also perform Flash Mob in different malls to create a hype for the event. Similarly, badminton was conducted under sports where more than 70 participants across the city took part. With same motive another, pre-ALACRITY event i.e. Hack-a-Thon and Make-a-Thon will be conducted under the technical domain. The event will be a 30-hour event starting from 15th February.

ALACRITY is also a platform where different experiments are conducted. Social Championship is one such experiment to promote the social service activity. This will be conducted with collaboration of different National Service Scheme (NSS). Similarly, to promote physical fitness Body Show, Men Physique and Power Lifting will also be conducted this year in ALACRITY 2020.

Dr. P. B. Mane, Principal said that “Definitely the planning has been top notch and the execution of pre-ALACRITY is a sign that the events are going to be a great success. The pre events have drawn a huge number of visitors to the campus and the team is waiting for more. Hope to see you all at AISSMS IOIT from 18th FEBRUARY”.

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