Akal College of Nursing: Achieving Global Standards in the Nursing Sector
Akal College of Nursing
Akal College of Nursing

From cleaning the wounds of patients to aiding with the delivery of a newborn baby, nurses’ work impact so many lives. The profession acts as the backbone of the healthcare sector. Being a nurse is not only noble, but also very rewarding. Nursing as a career is a stable choice of occupation, can select and work with any speciality of interest, earns a decent wage, and offers many options for advancement. Nursing is also one of the fastest growing areas of employment in India. To fulfil the dreams of aspiring nurses, the Akal College of Nursing has been a shining example for the holistic learning experience mixed with real-world training and development opportunities of budding nurses and healthcare professionals.

Akal College of Nursing (ACN) was established in the year 2008, by the ‘Kalgidhar Trust’, in the valley of divine peace ‘Baru Sahib’ situated in the shadows of the great Himalaya in the Northern part of India – the well-known land of gods and goddess, thus appropriately called Dev-Bhoomi, in Himachal Pradesh. The Akal College of Nursing offers B. Sc. nursing course and M. Sc. nursing course/programme approved/affiliated by Himachal Pradesh Nursing Registration Council (HPNRC) and Indian Nursing Council (INC).

The college admits 65 and 25 nursing students annually for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing. For the master’s programme in nursing, the college allows seats in medical surgical nursing, obstetric and gynaecological nursing, psychiatric nursing, and community health nursing with super specialty in oncology, critical care and cardiothoracic nursing.

The college has its goal to train and prepare professionally competent and dedicated nurses, imbued with the spirit of service to humanity at large and capable of facing various challenges while rendering nursing care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The journey of students in Akal College of Nursing is shaped by a variety of experiences, including academic studies, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and value-based education.


The aim of Akal College of Nursing is to encapsulate the qualities of:

1.Disciplined living



4.Hard work


6.To help students become outstanding nurses and global citizens with nerves of steel and compassionate hearts.

7.Strive to make the students spiritually awakened to help them believe in universal brotherhood and peace.


To train and prepare professionally competent and dedicated nurses, embedded with the spirit of service to humanity and capable of facing various challenges while rendering nursing care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.


ACN functions by the standards of academic excellence, value-based education, spiritual nursing, and bolstering strong communication skills, and tries to imbibe the same values in all of its students. The college aims at achieving global standards in the nursing sector.

Special Initiatives:

Community arena /outreach programmes: – Students participate in the health promotion of the area in the form of –

  • Awareness rallies
  • Street plays
  • Health projects
  • Exhibition
  • Door-to-door surveys

The students at Akal College inculcate within themselves the spirit of service to community. There is also the initiative called ‘Community Connect’ where the students and faculty organise health awareness camps for community people.

Additionally, there are international conferences hosted every year. Some other interesting initiatives introduced by the Akal college are:

  • Global classroom
  • Break the chain initiative during Covid-19 pandemic.

The Distinct Academic Program Rich academic environment:

The Akal College strives for excellence in all of its facets. When it comes to academia, the curriculum and programs are all designed to encourage maximum student engagement, excitement and participation, with the aim of strengthening their minds.

  • 100% academic result with distinctions
  • Well qualified and experienced faculty
  • Week recalling session: Monday MCQs tests
  • Platform for exchange of innovative practices and pedagogical skills
  • Learning management system: Flipped classroom.
  • Peer review and student feedback on teaching and learning process on daily basis.
  • Career counselling guidance
  • Research and development
  • Nursing professionals beyond borders (Global Nursing)
  • Evaluation is based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Foster family program
  • Online portal for classes

Enriched clinical experience for students:

With the aid of the college facilities and resources as given below, the aspiring nurses can get hands-on


  • Akal Charitable Hospital (parent hospital) is a 120-bedded hospital providing health care services round the clock to the ailing.
  • Multi-specialty medical-surgical camps four times a year by voluntary teams of medical fraternity across the globe.

Enriched clinical experience from different hospitals:

Apart from training in the Akal Chartable Hospital, students can also avail training from a variety of hospitals and care centres, some of which are listed below:

  • IGMC, Shimla (H.P.)
  • Vidhya Sagar Mental Institute, Amritsar (Punjab)
  • Columbia Asia Hospital (New Delhi)
  • Ivy Hospital, Mohali
  • Shri Balaji Hospital (New Delhi)
  • KNH (Shimla)
  • RML (New Delhi)
  • Akal De-Addiction Cum Rehabilitation centre and personality services, Cheema Sahib, Sangrur (P.B)

Besides the amazing aforementioned features, ACN also has facilities for:

  • Flipped Classroom
  • Online portal of ACN
  • Global Classroom Campus

Foreign Students Encouragement

The Akal College of Nursing has collaborated with Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA. Due to this faculty collaboration, ACN conducts various sessions for teachers and students in collaboration with Drexel faculty on topics as follows:

  1. Simulations/global classroom
  2. Evidence based practices and critical

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