Akamonkai Japanese Language School: Redefining the Language Learnign Experience
Akamonkai Japanese Language School| Akamonkai Tokiyoshi Arai

It took a hundred thousand years for us humans in evolving to the stage where we are today. Our curiosity has led us to different parts of our world, and the sheer will to never give, to face the diversity head-on has earned us an important place in the world.

Our curious mind has evolved in every way, but nothing can beat the advancement nor can one devalue the importance of language in human society. Humans today are more collaborative than ever. People across the world with rising innovation in the travel industry want to explore new places.

Journeying to new destiations and exploring them comprehensively is what most of us. For some individuals who have fallen for the new world they discover, decide to stay there. But a barrier of language occures when people want to understand the culture.

Especially for their kids and those students who want to pursue higher education at their dream destination. In South Asia, Japan is a country that has fascinated people all across the globe. The culture has always been embraced. More and more people are keen on learning the Japanese language.

Hence, many institutions have been incepted to tutor enthusiaists of this language. At The Knowledge Review, we are enthralled by Japanese language experience deliverd at Akamonkai Japanese Language School. This school is one of the leading institutes in Japan to have disrupted the way Japanese is being taught. Since its establishment, the institute has made remarkable achievements and has a stellar record of successful graduates.

The Rise of Akamonkai

Akamonkai was established in 1985 near ‘Akamon’ of the University of Tokyo. The institute is situated in the Nippori area, the heart of Tokyo. It has four school buildings that are fully reinforced against earthquakes.

Akamonkai has 30 dormitories, which can comfortably accommodate over 400 students. The school takes pride in achieving an outstanding record in terms of educating its students. To date, the institute has educated more than 20,000 graduates from over 80 countries. A convenient location and access to different places within the city center, makes Akamonkai a mesmerizing destination for learning.

A Grand Vision

Akamonkai constantly strives to deliver a stimulating and value-laden learning experience to students. The institute’s outstanding staff provide the fullest support possible to all the enrolled students to achieve their goals with an aim to foster human resources who can act and be successful globally.

A few of the many all-inclusive courses by Akamonkai which have been successful in making a mark in the language education sphere are mentioned below:

General Course

The educators of Akamonkai helps their students comprehensively by expanding their proficiency in Japanese. It is managed by a proper balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Additionally, the institute has taken steps aimed at enabling students to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) with a high score. Along the way, the students acquire skills and abilities useful in many different situations make them ready for the outside world.

University Preparatory Curriculum

This course has earned itself a special position for aspiring students with a dream to pursue their education in Japan. This course has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. It allows students with fewer than 12 years of education in their home countries to earn the qualifications necessary for attending the Japanese Universities.

Business Employment Course

In this curriculum, students develop high-level Japanese language skills, study business etiquette, and learn how to operate Microsoft Office software. The course also deepens the understanding of the Japanese companies’ culture. The course is flexible and helps students to learn where classes are taken both inside and outside the classroom. It provides stronger support for students to obtain employment in Japan after graduation. As a result, over 90% of students find employment every year.

The Torchbearer

For being one of the prominent educational institutes in the country, it requires years of hard work and patience. It requires a leader who stands by the values of education and helps to develop a thriving environment for fostering of students.

One such dynamic personality is the President and Founder of Akamonkai, Tokiyoshi Arai, who has been responsible for creating one of the most famous Japanese language school. In his new venture, he has established strong features on multinational student composition on a large scale. He is also taking steps for the career support system of students in addition to reputed qualified education and support systems on life in Japan.

Creating A Fostering Environment

Akamonkai has always put its students’ learning as its top-most priority. It continuously strives to create a better learning experience by constantly improving its way of teaching. Since the classes are carefully organized according to skill levels (with a total of 13 levels), students can study at classes suitable for their Japanese proficiency level and learning speed.

Before forming a class of students their national diversity is considered. It has helped to increase global awareness. Students with different nationalities can interact with each other and share their ideas, their problems and experiences.

Teachers also provide a courteous environment with extensive experience in Japanese language education having different backgrounds. This type of environment also allows them to understand the different cultures of the world.

Career Opportunities

Students, after their completion of course, begin their hunt for a job. Consdering the evident fact that landing a job in the current competitivey volatile market is tough, Akamonkai supports its students with individualized consulting on how to find the best fitting job, create a resume, and have a job interview with specialized staff. It also provides its students with referrals to companies by its group.

A Strong Future Prospect

Akamonkai’s foresight includes the expansion of one of its campuses to be finished by the end of 2019. It is in the process of developing novel and innovative courses.  It envisions to take learning language to the next level. By utilizing the advanced IT tools to its advantage it is on a path of contributing for the enhancement and progression of language learning in the years to come.

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