Al Falah University: Equipping students to pursue successful life-long career trajectory

“Our aim is to serve as catalyst institution for promotion and sustenance of quality in education of world class standards, create academic ambience that promotes scientific and artistic temperament among younger generation to become innovate scholars for the benefit of the Nation and the world.”

Located in the heart of Dubai, Al Falah University (AFU) is an educational institute and is determined to become one of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education. It aims to foster excellence in multidisciplinary teaching, research, and community engagement. The university offers a teaching and learning environment generated by a distinguished academic cadre, supported by best practice educational and communications technology, as well as library resources.

The vision of the institute is to distinguish itself as one of the premier universities in both the UAE and the region through academic research, educational excellence, experiential learning, pursuit for knowledge and constant intellectual exploration. For all stakeholders alike, AFU aims to sustain an innovative educational environment that adds value through student experiences in logical reasoning, critical thinking, applied skills and creativity.

About the President  

Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi is currently the president of AFU. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economic Development and Econometrics from University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Prior to joining Al Falah University in Fall Semester AY 2017-2018, Prof. Belarbi has an extensive academic and administrative experience from universities in USA, Algeria, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. His management responsibilities included being Department Chief of Finance and Banking, Department Chief of Tourism and Hospitality, Deputy Dean of Business Faculty, Vice President at multiple university campuses. He also served as consultant for knowledge management. Prof. Belarbi being active in research has published numerous papers in notable Economics and Business journals. His research interests comprise papers on Higher Education Risk Management, Asymmetric Information in Higher Education, Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Managerial Economics, and Islamic Economics & Finance.  He has also participated in several local, regional and international conferences, invited as guest speaker at numerous National TV productions and as Inter-Faith Dialogue Contributor.

Guiding Students with Innovative Courses

The current academic programs of the university in the College of Business Administration, the College of Law, and the College of Mass Communication have been selected based on established demand from students, the availability of exceptional faculty members with the ability to link theory with practice in their research-led teaching, and the needs of the nation & public and private sectors for graduates in these disciplines. AFU is committed to refine the analytical thinking and communication skills of the students. The university develops ethical sensitivity and civic responsibility and upgrade research and effective writing skills of their students. Similarly, AFU is committed to foster students & intellectual growth and adopts scientific research that aims at identifying problems and proposes solutions in order to push ahead with reform and overall development. Hence, the university holds its yearly international conference Towards Advanced Scientific Knowledge- TASK every year in May in addition to hosting several workshops including the Business Data Analysis: A Crossroad Between Business & Society workshop yearly and the “International Services Program Certification Workshop” in collaboration with the Commission for Academic Accreditation & Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

AFU aims to sustain an innovative educational environment that adds value through student experiences in logical reasoning, critical thinking, applied skills and creativity. AFU’s main goals are

  1. To foster excellence in education through international collaborations in teaching methodology and blended learning.
  2. To establish center of Research and Professional Development through joint research collaborations and interdisciplinary research.
  3. To develop comprehensive and holistic student development through applied learning and practical experiences contributing to employer needs of the community.

The university offers coeducational undergraduate and graduate programs to a range of national and international students.

  • Undergraduate programsAccounting, Finance and Banking, Business Administration, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Marketing Health Management, Tourism and Events Management, Law, New Media, Journalism, Public Relations.
  • Graduate programsAccounting, Human Resource Management, and Business Administration Marketing.

Offering Diversified Career Opportunities

The Career Development Service is offered to assist students and alumni with career planning and job search. AFU assists students with relating their career goals to their educational goals by assessing their skills and interests and providing job information. AFU also offers workshops on writing resumes and cover letters, polishing interview skills, and developing job-search strategies. This process begins in the freshman year through the use of personal interest, values, skills and experiences and expands throughout a student’s university years to resume development, internships, graduate college planning and job search. Career development service is an important resource for all students – not just for job-hunting seniors. All students at AFU are encouraged to work with career services throughout their university experience in all career-related matters. AFU identifies the needs of the students and plans activities accordingly.

AFU’s educational aims are to enhance academic performance. The Advanced Knowledge Program is an early intervention program to motivate students towards learning and academic success and by developing self- awareness by identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. Through this program, students are given the opportunity to obtain scientific meetings to develop advanced concepts and skills in their academic courses. Besides being an official IELTS Test Venue for AFU’s current students and applicants all over the emirates, The English Language Center serves the students with any language related training courses and assessment tests. The Center provides comprehensive English language skills evaluation and holds varies workshops and master classes every term to help students develop their communication skills in English.

Similarly, in partnership with Market Traders Academy, AFU launched its Investment and Trading Laboratory to allow students access to Bloomberg databases and other resources and experience trading and investment in real-time. Students will be opportune to internships in the financial sector and study-abroad trips to international Stock Exchanges including Wall Street. Besides study-abroad trips to Wall Street, AFU has arranged several study-abroad trips to Europe for the Tourism and Events Management and New Media students. AFU also offers financial grants to students who excel academically or in extracurricular activities. It also offers financial awards to students who attain scientific achievements.

In line with AFU‘s mission and commitment to volunteerism and to contributing to the vitality of the UAE, the university extends its services to the wider community by connecting students and faculty members with community partners for a number of volunteer opportunities. From cleaning the streets of Dubai to starting initiatives that promote the creation, awareness, use and respect of intellectual property, AFU has continually encouraged its members and students to start community initiatives that are developed to address every aspect of life in the UAE and beyond. Furthermore, AFU welcomes and encourages cooperation with institutions and organizations on all levels. To that end, it has been involved in exchange programs and has signed several memoranda of understanding that aim at benefiting the students and staff of AFU as well as the wider community represented by these institutions and organizations.

Words of trust

“I joined Al Falah University because I wanted to develop skills that will help me to effectively communicate with others, so I chose New Media specialization at the College of Mass Communication and expanded my skill set, such as interpersonal communication. What I love the most about the university is not only the faculty members’ excellent knowledge, but also the camaraderie and team spirit among employees, and the positive and professional way of dealing with students”

-Saly Aqajah Hassan Abdullah Al Khuzaimi Mohammad AL Raisi, College of Mass Communication

“I joined Al Falah University because it is a distinguished scientific institution in the UAE. During my studies, I got exposed to knowledge in a wide range of fields. What I love about the university is its community outreach. During the semester, the university hosts a variety of awareness events and initiatives”

-Hassan Abdullah Al Khuzaimi Mohammad AL Raisi, College of Business Administration

“To enroll at Al Falah University was one of the most important decisions I have ever taken. I have always wanted to continue my studies but was not sure which university I want to enroll in as I wanted a university that will push me towards realizing this dream. I joined AFU after I sat down with advisors who helped me choose Law as a specialty that suits my interests.”

-Mohammad AL Raisi, College of Law

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