AlHuda International School: Teaching Children what Counts the Most

Established in 2010 in Islamabad, AlHuda International School (AIS) is an aspiration of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, a renowned scholar, and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad. It is a one of a kind school that provides excellent academic education based on authentic Islamic guidelines.

Founded with a small team of dynamic, sincere, and passionate individuals, AIS has grown into a well-recognized educational system offering the Cambridge curriculum.

AIS is an earnest effort to set new standards of education that will produce students of knowledge and virtue, whose hearts are filled with love and trust in Allah and who are skilled verbally, mentally and socially.

Blessed with visionary leadership and a highly dedicated team, AIS is determined to produce true representatives of the Muslim community having the ideal qualities of practical Muslims who will be valuable for the whole mankind.

Such an all-rounded personality is developed by providing moral-based education that is guided by the Holy Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Furthermore, through regular training, it is ensured that teachers provide excellent role models for the students.

Modern Infrastructure and Facilities

AIS provides the finest abilities and amenities to its students and staff in order to provide a conducive learning environment for the students. The school is well-equipped with essential features and facilities.

Well-lit, spacious, and well-ventilated classrooms provide a comfortable place congenial to the overall development of the students. Custom-made furniture is used in the classrooms and for the EPL activities.

Interactive smart board facility in the Montessori section helps students learn new concepts using the latest technology.

The campus boundary walls are secured by barbed wires. 24×7 intensive surveillance is ensured through CCTV cameras and on-duty guards.

AIS offers a fully equipped science lab that supplements its students’ in-class learning. Spacious art rooms and equipped sports rooms are available for the students. In order to ensure the development of leadership qualities, teamwork, and motor skills, varying physical activities are conducted in the sports room.

To enrich the educational experiences AIS plans, educational trips once a year. Through these trips, children learn about nature, discipline, and creativity.

The AIS libraries are well-resourced with the latest books in English, Arabic and Urdu. A special Qur’an Room has been designed for effective learning and understanding of the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

Academic Programmes

Montessori Section: AlHuda International School’s Montessori program is one of the best in the country owing to qualified Montessori teachers and extensive use of Montessori material in a child-friendly environment.

Primary Section: AIS Primary Section is well on its way to attain the vision of the School where students are being trained in a positive environment by passionate and dedicated teachers. Its approach to learning is evolving every day; modern and innovative techniques are being adopted to educate the students. These techniques optimize self-belief, competence and proficiency.

The Primary Section comprises of grades I – IV; boys and girls are segregated from grade IV and onwards. Students are guided to become self-motivated learners, who are strong academically and are able to foster their own ability to think comprehensively and clearly.

Secondary Section: Secondary Section at AIS is offered with a number of distinctive features. Alongside academic excellence and life skills, it also focuses on the spiritual development of the students. AIS offers Cambridge based qualification to its students and strives to inspire the right attitude and skills. The Secondary Section currently comprises of grades V – X; with segregation of boys and girls sections.

By providing an ideal Islamic environment and through the integration of Islamic teachings with the curriculum, we help our students develop a strong bond with Allah. All its efforts are focused towards making the students responsible Muslims who can play leading role in the progress of the world motivated by Islamic teachings and guidance. It ensures that the students are given activity based learning which enhances their level of creativity, confidence and understanding.

Hifz Program: AIS provides an exclusive Hifz program for students who have a passion for memorizing the Holy Qur’an. The Hifz program is offered at a minimum age of 9 years. In a friendly learning environment, students are encouraged to perform and excel at their given target. The school provides extra support to the Huffaz (Guardians of Qur’an) in resuming their academic studies upon the completion of Hifz (Qur’an memorization).

Productive Evenings: AIS has initiated an after-school program titled ‘Productive Evenings’ for children between the ages of 4-14 years. After-school programs are ideal for engaging youth in positive activities in a safe and supervised environment while parents are at work and also for those who are interested in providing wider opportunities for growth to their children. The Productive Evenings program provides opportunities for children to explore interests, gain competency in real-life skills, solve problems, and assume leadership roles. This program will also help them build strong, supportive relationships with adult role models and mentors, and to become active participants of community welfare. Productive Evenings has a range of programs for children to opt from in a safe and friendly setting.

The Guiding Light

Dr. Farhat Hashmi, the Founder of AIS holds a PhD in Hadith Sciences from the University of Glasgow. She steers the school to make it a practical example of her vision of ‘Qur’an for all; in every hand, in every heart.’

Dr. Hashmi is one of the most world-renowned female Islamic scholars of the century. She is seen today as an iconic figure, responsible for helping generations of Muslims develop a personal, one on one relationship with the Holy Qur’an. She is considered as one of the most influential contemporary Muslim scholars today.

As an orator, her lectures and talks, based on authentic knowledge, are known to touch the hearts of millions, as every word she speaks comes from the heart. Personally, she considers herself an “eternal student and servant of the Quran” and, more than an icon, orator or scholar, prefers to be simply called a “Muallim” (teacher).

In her own words, “Our aim is to produce students of knowledge and virtue, whose hearts are filled with the love and trust on Allah, who have great communication skills, who are true representatives of Muslim community and who will benefit all mankind, In sha Allah (God willing).”

Atif Iqbal, an MBA in HR Management from Middlesex University, is the Director of AIS. Mr. Iqbal focuses on overall organizational strategy of the school, guides the team and makes sure everything works well. His experience in human resource management and insight into Islam helps him make the school a loveable place to be a part of.

Being a public speaker and educator, Mr. Iqbal delivers his insightful speeches at different platforms to help parents, educationists and general public alike to bring a positive reform through education. Currently, he is also busy in setting up community schools for underprivileged children in Pakistan under the umbrella of AlHuda Community Schools.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

Students at AIS receive the opportunity to study science subjects with a combination of physics, chemistry and biology along with other subjects. Those who are not interested in biology in pre medical combination, are given opportunity to take Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Students are offered a combination of subjects with Business Studies group where they take Business Studies, Accounting and ICT.

Since 2017, students of AIS have been participating in ‘Your World Competition’ which is an international competition of video making.

This year, AIS’s students of senior grades will be participating in the ‘Spellman High Voltage Electronics Clean Tech Competition’ that encourages scientific understanding of real-world issues and integration of environmentally responsible energy resources.

Secondary Section at AIS also organizes interactive Career Counselling sessions for senior grades. Last year, Dr. Awais Siraj, an international Trainer & Learning facilitator conducted an effective and motivational session for the students and helped them narrow down their areas of interest and taught them how they should go about making the right choices in future.

Future Prospects for Students at AIS

In the near future, AIS plans to increase the range of subjects offered for students to expand and broaden the options for their careers. A-Levels program is planned with increasing strength of students every year.

More participation in competitions at international level will be offered during the academic year.

Students at AIS are nurtured so that no matter where they are in the world, and what career they choose, they have the required knowledge and the right attitude to become a valuable asset to any organization they would join.

Financial Assistance for Students

AlHuda International School is a not-for-profit school which only charges a minimal fee for providing quality education geared by top notch facilities. Being a project of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation, the school goes out of the way to facilitate deserving families and anyone whom it can assist in their endeavour of seeking beneficial knowledge. Currently, financial assistance to nearly 20% of the students is being provided by the school.

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