Aliff Overseas Consultants: Helping Global Learners Realize their Dreams
Aliff Overseas Consultants
Mr. Asslam I Shaikh | Founder & CEO | Aliff Overseas

To grow and take up opportunities, stepping out of one’s comfort zone is a necessary, albeit a big task. And it may get overwhelming if one isn’t guided properly. For students especially, at stages like starting their higher education, they must take up the right decisions like choosing their courses, universities and even country, meticulously. Decisions made at this stage impacts their life ahead. So it becomes imperative that these decisions are based on facts and figures and not because someone in their near or far family said so.

The decision to study abroad impacts not just the students but for the family as well. Because it is not just about getting the right college, it is about getting the right country, documents, neighbourhood, financial support and more. Assisting students and parents in this task since 2008 is Aliff Overseas Consultants.

The Mumbai based company started its journey with a vision to provide affordable and highquality study abroad opportunities to Indian students. Over the years it has counselled over 23000 students to choose the right career. It has an impressive portfolio of over 190 colleges across 14+ countries offering a vast range of programs and specializations.

Growing Roots

During the initial days, team Aliff focused on conventional programs in few selected countries to offer students. With time, students’ choice was changing, industry demanded futurist programs to be offered & new destinations were emerging with their unique offerings. The company ignored these changes at the initial stage, only to realize later that its needs to be agile, flexible and accommodative to what its customers demand (of students) & offer (of universities). Since then the team never stopped learning & unlearning, exploring new avenues, accepting fresh ideas to serve its customer better and even exceeding their expectations.

Distinctive Quality

Aliff provides the following services to students:

Career Counseling – Aliff uses unique DMIA technology which is a scientific study
of fingerprints patterns that helps in understanding an individual’s potential and
personality. This helps in outlining a student’s capabilities and thus choosing the
Study & career best suited for him/her.

IELTS Coaching – Aliff has been awarded Silver Partner trophy for IELTS training
by British Council and is an authorized IELTS exam registration centre. Its faculties
are trained and certified by the British Council and have over 14 years of coaching
experience and offer individual attention to each student.

Study Abroad Consulting – Aliff’s students enjoy a host of study abroad services that
ensures absolute peace of mind. It includes, but is not limited to, Student Profiling,
Application, Visa, Education Loan and Accommodation

The Key Influncer

The key person behind the success of Aliff is Mr. Asslam I Shaikh, the Founder and CEO. An educationist, entrepreneur and speaker, Mr. Shaikh is also the ex-president of BNI Plus and executive member of Bombay Industries Association, Indo-German, Indo-American Indo-Swiss Chamber of commerce. He has personally helped over 1000 students in finding the right career across the world. He regularly attends training sessions at foreign universities and meets students on campus to take feedback. This ensures that new & prospective students get up-to-date transparent information.

He is credited with the unique ‘Student Value Pyramid’ that helps students see where they stand, what inspires them and help them achieve their dream via his thoughtfully designed 9 steps ‘TradeMark Solution’ so that students can reach out to the pinnacle.

Staying Updated

Being updated with the educational world is essential for everyone at Aliff. To facilitate the same and to keep it’s staff motivated, it encourages them to take up a foreign trip, visit international universities, learn by being there and meet students on campus.

The company also leverages the digital media to share the current updates on study abroad. It has over half a million viewers on YouTube and has several social media platform campaigns to reach out to prospective students with university offerings. It also works through CRM that allows error smooth, continuous & automatic flow of communication among all stakeholders.

For a Motivated Generation

Mr. Shaikh believes that motivation is the key to sustain oneself in the industry and for
students to achieve their aim. He adds, “You can see in the eyes, listen in the voice, feel
through interaction whether or not a person is motivated enough to do what he or she is
doing. A motivated counsellor can motivate the student to make the right choice for his
successful career.”

Team Aliff also feels whilst it is important to take feedback but eventually it is the student
who is going to make a decision. To counsel students, they say, “Be responsible with your
choice. As your today’s choice will decide your tomorrow’s future. Do not follow the rat
race. What is good for your friend may not be ideal for you. Separate & identify what your
mind says and what your heart wants you to do. Look out for a mentor who can guide you.
You may have different mentor specialists in different areas of life. Above all, take care of
your health. Healthy mind, body & soul is a basic prerequisite to play the big game in life.”

Expanding Reach

Aliff helps students to take their first step into a new world. A journey where they can …
Explore – Learn – Earn and be a Global Citizen. Aliff’s records boast of a Visa success rate of
95% and an Admission success rate of 100%. Going forward, Aliff is aiming to expand
exponentially in the coming 3 years. It is aiming for 100 offices across India, South Asia &
Middle East in the next 3 years. The company has been preparing itself for the last 1 year to achieve the set goal.

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