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What is Medical Coding?

People have been keeping records and saving data since ancient times. Coding is also a type of record keeping or preserving data in a way that can be useful later. Basically, coding refers to saving data in simpler and easier forms so that a person can retrieve it whenever they want. Medical coding is nothing but preserving or keeping data related to treatments, diagnosis, drugs, healthcare related services and much more. In short, it is conversion of medical data to easier forms. These are a set of codes that are followed throughout the world by medical coding professionals. Since these codes are used in a uniform manner in healthcare industries, interpretation of medical data becomes very simple.

Who can become a Medical Coder?

To pursue a career in Medical Coding it is important that the person has a graduate degree from a recognized university or college. A person should have attended some classes in physiology, healthcare ethics, anatomy, insurance law and compliance and medical terminology. Students who are from the medical, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology field can have greater chances in this career. This is of importance since; medical coding includes making sense of medical data and then transforming into meaningful codes that can only be understood by people who have a background in a science field.

Apart from this, medical coders are also expected to have a certain set of skills such as clinical documentation, customer billing, Health IT, outpatient and inpatient coding, CPT coding, HCPCS coding and knowledge aboutICD-10-CM. A medical coder should have a keen interest and bent of mind of computers, research ability, time management, communication skills and analytical skills. They further show attention to detail if they have to find out any kind of aberration in a vast volume of codes. They also have to be aware of the different ethical standards, as these codes are considered to be very confidential. Medesun : The leaders in medical coding training

The Medesun medical coding training academy provide high quality training in medical coding and medical billing which helps in keeping up efficient records for reimbursement as well as medical statistics. The CEO of the company, Dr.SantoshGuptha has 45 certifications which is a world record. The company opens up avenues and provides opportunities for the prospective candidates to get a professional job in the industry of healthcare. The mission of the company is to provide quality as well as affordable education for creating efficient manpower in facing challenges because of the healthcare reform act, HIPAA, RACs and HITECH law.

Dr MeriyalaSantoshGuptha, a trained, certified and a highly-experienced medical coder, biller, Australia Medical Coding Trainer and auditor. He is the man credited with creating a rewarding healthcare business outsourcing industry in India. He is the man behind Medesun Healthcare solutions.

Medical coders, who are employed by hospitals, pharmacies, clinics or nursing etc., usually work for almost 40 hours per week. Organisations that are open 24 hours a day have coders who work in shifts so that they can serve the sheer volume of work. Besides people who work part time or from home, need to have electronic gadgets of their own with a good internet connection. This is important since they have huge files and databases to work with.

Future of Medical Coding

With a demand in billing and coding of medical data, medical coding has become essential in many healthcare facilities and in the field of medicine. It also plays a very important part in funding and research. Besides the conventional medical centres and facilities, medical coders can find jobs in insurance companies, law and consulting firms. Many of them take advanced courses and establish their own private firms so that they can freelance their services. The salaries of medical coders are very decent and highly depend on the location, experience and education of the individual.


About the Author

Medesun Healthcare is the brainchild of Dr SantoshGuptha. He is the founder and the CEO. Headquartered in Delaware, with an additional office in Hyderabad, India, Medesun Healthcare solutions is committed to providing high-quality training to aspiring medical coders across the globe.

Dr SantoshGuptha, a trained, certified and a highly-experienced medical coder, biller and auditor. He is the man credited with creating a rewarding healthcare business outsourcing industry in India. He is the man behind Medesun Healthcare solutions.

Dr Guptha trained at AHIMA-USA and went on to become a certified medical coder. The introduction of the International Classification of Diseases 10th version (ICD-10) marked a decisive change to his career. Dr SantoshGuptha is a pioneer in ICD-10 training in India and an ICD-10 AHIMA ICD-10 Approved Trainer, Dr SantoshGuptha’s expertise and training in the field of medical coding and billing is unparalleled. With 45 valuable certifications to his credit, he holds the world record for the greatest number of certifications in medical coding.


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