Almost 82% students in Maharashtra face difficulty in funding their education
students in Maharashtra

According to a recent survey with regards to the impact of Covid-19 on higher education in Maharashtra, 82% students have reported that they would be facing difficulties in funding their education for the coming academic year. This survey had been conducted by IIT – Bombay faculty B N Jagtap, and it clearly stated that 80 percent of female students and 84 percent of male students would be facing problems with their funding.

This situation has shed light onto the economic distress caused due to Covid-19. This report is stressing on the facts that almost 27% of students fear that they would not be able to pursue their education forward due to the lack of funds. This situation is persistent over the rural and urban areas.

The scenario has been different for the rest of the 75% bunch, that state that they would have to financially support their families and would have to switch up their options when it come to livelihood. There have been cases in which students have resorted to online classes and have forlorn the idea of attending a physical school.


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