American School of Milan– Ensuring Rigorous Education for Students to Excel in the Competitive World
American School of Milan

Every educational institution aims to deliver the best-in-class facilities to the students, while preparing them to face the stiff challenges of tomorrow. They provide the students with the updated knowledge while igniting the flame of curiosity in them. One such leading institution standing tall at the peak of academic excellence is the American School of Milan (ASM).

Founded in 1962, the school started with humble beginnings, and eventually grew to enjoy the role of an educational leader in Milan and Italy. Today, ASM has 920 students from PreK through 12th grade, graduating about 70 students per year. The school is focused to provide modern and rigorous education for international students to excel in the changing world of tomorrow.

Graduates of ASM attend top universities around the world, including Stanford University in the USA and Oxford in the UK. It is one of only a very few non-profit, truly diverse international schools in Milan. Currently, students from over 50 nationalities are enrolled and pursuing education from the school. ASM serves the diplomatic community of Milan, including the US Consulate.

Excellent Infrastructure

ASM has a purpose-built campus located approximately 8 kilometers from Milan city center. Located in the neighborhood of Noverasco, it is flanked by a golf course and features a wide open soccer pitch. The school houses two full gymnasiums and over 50 classrooms, including well-equipped science labs.

Its library serves all students ranging from preK-12 and the school cafeteria offers delicious and nutritious food. ASM opened a 500-seat auditorium in 2019, capping a five-year expansion that saw new classrooms added, the cafeteria remodeled, and several infrastructure upgrades related to the needs of a growing campus.

Dynamic Leadership

ASM has been led by the dynamic leadership of both past Directors and the Board of Trustees. In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, visionary leadership allowed the school to relocate from separate campuses downtown to the current campus in Noverasco. This gave it space to grow and support its American-style education with spaces for physical education and performing arts. Carl Immordino, Trustee and ASM parent, was a prime mover in the effort to relocate the campus. His vision and that of the board at the time, has allowed ASM to become the preeminent international school in Milan.

Ensuring Academic Excellence

ASM offers an American style education, providing a well-rounded program aimed to educate the whole child. In addition to various core subjects, it offers elementary students the option to choose from physical education, music, art, and Italian classes. Two dedicated science teachers bring their experience to elementary classes, allowing the students to explore the world and learn more.

ASM’smiddle school offers many innovative elective courses to students from 6th through 8th grade. These include drone building and forensic science, in addition to their core subjects. From 6th grade, ASM offers French and Spanish in addition to Italian, which is offered starting in the Elementary School.

In 2014, ASM opted to abandon the MYP program in favor of a home-grown curriculum designed to better meet the needs of the children and to prepare them for the rigors of the IB program. This change included the addition of advanced math classes from 7th through 10th grade.

In High School, ASM offers the IB Diploma program. In the last five years, three ASM students have scored a perfect 45 on the IB. ASM employs three counselors at the high school level, two of whom focus specifically on college counseling, assisting the students in applying to their ‘best fit’ universities.

Further, ASM promotes exploration and appreciation of its host country, Italy through Field Trip Week, which sees 4th through 11th graders traveling around the country to various locations. In 2019, the school’s 8th graders hiked up Mt. Etna in Sicily, witnessing the puffing steam of an active volcano.

Focus on Development of the Students

ASM aims to ensure that students not only excel in curricular activities, but also succeed in various other endeavors. The school’s performing arts program allows students to explore their creative side on stage in theater and music classes, which include band, choir, and orchestra. Its new auditorium is a glorious venue, which provides room for the students to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

ASM supports several STEM initiatives, under which it observes Coding Week. The middle school has a maker class as well as a drone building. In the high school, students are offered ‘How Things Work’ elective, which offers students the opportunity to learn about gears, hydraulics, and other technological advancements.

ASM’s service program allows students to interact with the community. Recent activities have included neighborhood clean up and visits to an elderly care facility. The student government fosters leadership at ASM, and active student councils in all divisions allow students to express their opinions.

The school’s sports and activities program provides many outlets for the students to stay fit and compete in local and international sports events. ASM is a part of the European Sports Conference, and the school’s athletes travel to competitions in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and other locations in Italy. Various activities and programs serve students from elementary through middle school, and includes rock climbing, gymnastics, cooking, and many other enriching activities.

Putting Students First

The school appoints dedicated teachers and offers an enriched curriculum to small classes. It presents students with interesting concepts while giving individualized attention. Students are encouraged to ask questions, given opportunities to debate, and are called upon to lead change and development.

ASM is an EcoSchool,and students have led the way in making changes for many eco-friendly operations. This includes healthier foods in vending machines, campaigning (successfully) for a salad bar in the cafeteria, and pushing the administration to implement a ‘plastic free’ campus. ASM students are educated to be mindful, compassionate, and considerate activists.

Financial Assistance

As a private, independent international school, all programs of ASM are tuition-funded or supported by gifts to its annual fund, the Fund for Excellence (FFE). The FFE has provided the opportunity for ASM to host visiting authors, artists, and speakers who have brought passion, inspiration, and expertise to the students. The recent FFE-supported artist organized a graffiti workshop for the school’s art students and left ASM with a wonderful panther mural that graces one of its lovely outdoor patios.

Success Stories of ASM

ASM has always focused on delivering the best, when it comes to providing brilliant curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. It has been rewarded for its dedicated endeavors. The school is accredited by the American Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as by the International Baccalaureate Office, which authorizes the IB Diploma program.

ASM is also recognized for various initiatives towards green operations. The school is a member of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS) and the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS).

Mapping the Future

ASM continues to develop its programs and offers the best international education in Milan and Italy.  It is investigating the expansion of the innovation and design offerings, adding the character-building Duke of Edinburgh program.

Furthermore, the school continues to build the offerings of the service program, ensuring that the students have both sharp minds and caring hearts, as they enter the dynamic and changing world of tomorrow.

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