Anees Classes: Mounting the Country’s Defence System
Anees Classes| Anees Kutty

The institute aims towards creating a fundamental, strong and level head personality of the students while eliminating the phobia towards Maths.

With 30 years of unyielding roots in the education industry, Anees Classes has trained and catered to plenty of students who wish to be a part of the defence system of our country. Over the three decades, it has prepared more than 550+ youngsters for the most prestigious defence institutes of our country – The National Defence Academy, Pune. The institute constantly believes in training the students to become healthy and sharp individuals who are ready to take on the responsibilities for the country. The testimonials of students speak immensely and highly of their joys and success.

An Institute Overview

The institute believes in implementing the latest technology to make things easier and interesting for its students. The classrooms are digitally advanced with smart boards, projectors, microphones, etc. Students are also provided with spacious hostel facilities in a hygienic environment which can house 120 students. The students as well as the staff are provided with healthy food, proper nutrition in the mess. The institute has 24/7 CCTV surveillance and fire dispensers as the top priority for the safety of the students.

An Individual with Immense Expertise

Anees Kutty is the Founder of Anees classes and a Professor of Mathematics. He has over 30 years of experience while also pursuing his passion for genealogy and holds a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications from Government College in Pune. Career wise Anees originally started his work journey in his father’s bakery, which is where he realized the value of money and started networking from a very young age. This story is one that inspires others to hold on to their faith while working hard towards their goals. He is fondly addressed as “Anees Bhaiyya” by all his students and is now a known brand in the defence sector. The high quality caliber is noticed by the 500 students who are presently serving the nation as officers in the various defence divisions.

One of the best qualities is his ability to build bonds with the people around him and this has led him to create camaraderie with international dignitaries as well as business and political leaders. The Evergreen Educational Foundation which caters to the underprivileged students of society was also founded by Anees himself. Another one of his goal is to continue building up the awareness among students of today as well as the generations to come about the various examinations such as NDA, CDS, and other competitive exams which can shape the careers of aspiring individuals.

Methods and Perks of Classroom Sessions

Anees classes have always placed their attention on ensuring that the teaching methods bring in 100 percent results. The focus is placed on every individual and also on exam-oriented teaching, that results monthly parents meeting to keep the performance of students updated as well as teacher’s contribution. The institute follows a 365 days training routine along with study sessions lasting for 12 hours every day. The professors are extremely dedicated and constantly work towards shaping their student’s paths towards NDA and other such competitive exams. The institute also has SSB (Service Selection Board) training since the student’s day of joining. The training given to them belongs to every aspect of a human being that is physical, mental, emotional, technical, and educational by using modern & innovative methods. An experienced team is always available on spot to help prepare the cadets for national level competitions, sporting events, adventure trips, medical care, and field visits.

The extraordinary students of class who are able to secure a minimum of 85% in boards or national / international level achievements in sports/ academics/ scholarships like NTSE / Olympiads / KVPY etc, who truly aim to be a part of the NDA are offered discount scholarships.

Making Math Easier

A lot of students hold an internal fear of mathematics and tend to be weak in solving and sorting any problems given. Anees classes make this a fun subject by implementing tips and tricks to make things easier. Mathematics is a subject that contains a lot of intricacies and is constantly changing. They specifically have created a unique academic model which stays relevant even with changing syllabus. It reflects on the concept of High Order Thinking Skills or HOTS than focuses on the accumulation of course credits.

Making Learning Fun with Activities

The institute brings the fun element by implementing various activities to make the process of learning exciting while building the students curiosity and interest. Some of the activities conducted at Anees Classes are:

  1. Group discussions
  2. Public speaking
  3. Confidence building
  4. Organizing abilities
  5. Team building
  6. Group activities

This ensures that by the end of the educational experience, each student should have achieved their desired goals.

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