Orbit Education: Leading Young Aspirants towards Excellence
Orbit Education| Daulat Singh Panwar

It is a known fact that with every generation of youngsters, a majority of them want to become either doctors or engineers. But, owing to a lot of factors, very few of them tend to get through as they do not know the way to channelize their aspirations.

In order to do this, the students require ample guidance which will prepare them for everything related to both these fields of study. This in turn, will then lead them on a path towards success and knowledge, and for Orbit Education this is the prime goal. The institute understand the priorities of the students and brings them on track within their optimum satisfaction levels. 

Infrastructural Facilities

The faculty at Orbit Education are aware of the need for practical knowledge in every subject, especially related to the science discipline. To facilitate this, the centre has a mall science lab which the students can utilize and correlate to the theory part of it efficiently. A small library with over 500 books written by various authors is also available for the students’ research purposes. The center also invites prominent scholars to share their knowledge with the students during the monthly seminars. Alumni members also frequently visit to motivate the students on the tougher days and push them towards their goals. This ensures that the students and their academics are in safe hands.

The Academic Specialist

Possessing an immense knowledge base is one of the most important pre-requisites to being eligible to sharing the acquired information. Daulat Singh Panwar is one such individual who understands the importance of education today and how it should be imparted among the students. He founded  Orbit Education in the year 2005 with just 5 students.

His teaching methodology combined with years of knowledge brought the count to 100 students in no time. Additionally, he has ensured that no young student gets left behind and has been providing coaching to those from financially weak backgrounds as well.

Providing a Helping Hand to the Students

The faculty at Orbit Education knows that the best way to help students learn is by providing them revision of the topics required. The students are given a daily worksheet of PCMB which contains sixty multiple choice questions which are made on the basis of their revision classes. This helps them memorize and understand the theoretical aspects in a better way. Saturdays are dedicated to solving the students’ doubts related to the subjects and weekly tests are conducted on Sundays. This way, the students are able to understand the intricacies of the subjects.

Another method of teaching known as Integrated Teaching Approach, ensures consistency on both the students’ as well as the teacher’s end.  The method is unique and easy to understand as well, and so far it has led to interesting discussions within the classrooms. The students are also provided with insightful study material that enhances their knowledge base. Also, the faculty makes sure that every lecture is pre-planned to ensure that the quality of the content is standard and completed in the stipulated time.

Highlighting the Students’ Achievements

The students of Orbit have constantly made the center proud by securing top ranks in prestigious exams such as IIT-JEE, JIPMER, CBSE-AIPMT/NEET, AIIMS, AMU, BHU, AFMC, BVP, CMC-Vellore, CMC-Ludhiana, MU-OET (Manipal), MGIMS-Wardha, Delhi-PMT.

The centre has, in these aspects, always been unparalleled for cracking competitive exams. Over the majority of years, students have won accolades, rewards and top scholarships as well as Olympiad Entrance Exams of the country. All these are a result of constant efforts which have been pivotal in the rising success of students every year.

Pull quote for designing purpose:

The centre aims to be the most admired brand in the education sector while implementing high quality teaching, technology enabled systems and commitment.

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