Angels Paradise Academy: Striving to Create the Finest Childcare Experience

Don’t think of what you want to be, think of what you want to do.

This philosophy by the former US president Barack Obama sheds light on how a person can be shaped, molded into something more than their capabilities if that individual knows the right path to take in life. As such, this notion becomes of the utmost importance when it comes to building the future. The future, which resides in every young mind that needs shaping.

Cultivating values, good habits, ethics and teaching the children the difference between right and wrong has always been fundamental in their overall growth. Today’s children are intellectuals of tomorrow, so their education must also be regulated and updated time and again. Facilitation of all-around development for the children is always quintessential for their parents and guardians.

Angels Paradise Academy located in Pune, Maharashtra, is ardently involved in shaping young minds and re-shaping the next civilization. Imbibing and implementing the factors mentioned above in its daily activities, Angels Paradise has always strived to make a difference in every child’s life, individually, who has been a part of the academy’s family.

Especially in the students’ early learning days, the school has an innovative curriculum that is designed and developed by a team of early education experts. The academy works coherently with educational advisors from the UK, with an approach of integrated aspects from Indian as well as British curriculum. The curriculum includes a scientific amalgamation of:

  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • The Montessori Method
  • The Play Way Method
  • Angels Paradise Academy’s Original Methods (Tried & Tested)

We believe that in a preschool, a hands-on approach is not just beneficial but absolutely essential,” says the faculty of Angels Paradise.

Teaching Traits and Techniques

We love our technology,” expresses the academy’s team. The academy utilizes a smart board and a projector to teach the children which helps them to learn and enjoy through music and pictures. Its belief that audio-visuals make learning interesting to young minds is a contemporary approach to teaching that has been helping the students to retain information better. The children at Angels Paradise engage in a lot of activities, like:

  1. Puppet Theatre Room – The puppet theatre room is perfect for early childhood environments. Puppets are a great way to capture the interest of the children. Puppets are used to teach concepts, to expand language, listening skills, manners and to encourage creative thinking. They are used to entertain during the transition time, telling stories, and singing songs.
  2. Dramatic Play Centre – This center is an essential part of the academy’s preschool classroom. Dramatic play helps children explore different roles and situations. Role-play also helps children learn about their community, their surrounding environment and a variety of careers.
  3. Show & Tell – The purpose of conducting Show and Tell sessions is to make children aware of different aspects of life, to build their self-esteem, self-image, self-discovery, to improve their communication skills, and to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge. Show and Tell is fun for children of all age groups – they share a part of themselves with others in more ways than one.
  4. Field Trips and Nature Walks – Angels Paradise Academy’s preschool programs are enriched through the inclusion of carefully planned field trips. The first-hand experience provides children with information and a level of understanding that adds elements of realism to their play and enriches their overall learning. Field trips and nature walks are considered an important part of the educational program and are taken periodically to nearby locations. These trips give children educational experiences away from their regular school environment.

Also, special efforts are taken to make sure that the dietary needs of all the children under the dome of Angels Paradise are met properly. Children with allergies and preferences are catered with meals adhering to special instructions as per their parents.

Professional nutritionists and dieticians handle all the meal plans ensuring that the nutritional requirements of the preschool children are met adequately. All of this is kept in mind along with maintaining the taste appeal and spice levels appropriately. “Meals are cooked on-site by our dedicated kitchen team,” expresses the staff of Angels Paradise.

Dynamic Leadership with a Hint of Philosophy

 Sayali Bhosale, the Director of Angels Paradise Academy is a leader with versatility. She is a visionary and a committed professional. As an educationist and a mother, she understands the delicate balance between work and personal life. This was the reason behind the genesis of the academy – to offer parents and guardians, quality childcare solutions.

Sayali has had the experience of teaching in diverse international and multicultural environments at London-UK, Dubai-UAE and India.  Having spent considerable time overseas, she got the opportunity to explore and experience multiple styles of teaching.  She brings back this rich experience to Angels Paradise, where she is integrating the British and Indian methods of teaching that emphasize curiosity led learning and fun. According to various scientific and academic research materials, the necessary skills that will help the children in becoming successful are thinking creatively and critically, communicating efficiently, and interacting effectively. “At Angels Paradise we endeavour to equip our children with skills they’ll need tomorrow,” concludes Sayali.

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