Mosaic Preschool: Igniting the Lamp of Innovative Preschool Education

As the Oxford of the East, Pune is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutes in India. Not only higher educational institutes, but the city is also hub to reputed preschools that embrace global-standards and are the perfect launchpads for the little minds.

This story showcases the journey of one such preschool – Mosaic Preschool which is situated at Baner, Pune. The name ‘Mosaic’ signifies the vision of blending methodology, infrastructure, and environment to become a happy place designed to meet every developmental need of early childhood.

Originally conceptualized as Play2Learn in Bavdhan in 2016, it started with offering a plethora of activities including Music with Mom, Mother-toddler sessions, Summer Camps, and Toy Library. The persistent efforts of the management in executing innovative methodologies and the intent to deliver quality educational services were highly appreciated and acknowledged by the parents. This resulted in setting the right trajectory of growth as within a year the institute had 30 toddlers in their varsity.

As the preschool started witnessing a steady growth, a time came when it was no longer able to admit students due to its policy of child to area ratio. Keeping a long-term and futuristic vision, the management decided to build its tailor-made preschool infrastructure. It identified a suitable land in Baner and commenced the construction and by July 2019, the 5,000 sq. ft new building was ready to welcome the students. The new ‘child-centric’ design aimed to facilitate the implementation of its innovative approach.

A Journey fostering Creativity and Innovation

As the Founder, Sonali Phadke is the leading light of Mosaic preschool. A complete professional, she has years of experience in various fields including Marketing, Sales and Information Technology. Her passion for educating children started with teaching her own children. Identifying her strengths and expertise, she made the transition in her professional career and shifted to the domain of early childhood education.

She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has also acquired training in Montessori Method and Kinder Sports. Before starting this venture, she has also worked with various esteemed preschools and has gained the acumen that helped her immensely in setting up Mosaic.

Her intuitive and natural understanding of children’s liking enables her to design activities that the children love to engage in. It also helps her in designing an enriching and updated curriculum, out-of-the-box teaching strategies and selection & designing of appropriate learning aids. She has designed special programs like Smart Brain, kinder music program Music with Mom, Hands-on Science for Kids, etc.

Why Mosaic Stands Ahead?

The preschool has invested a lot of time doing extensive research in the field of Neuroscience of Learning. Identifying the conditions and stimuli under which a child’s brain develops and responds favorably to learning opportunities, it has innovated the ‘Mind Targeted Technology’. These modules are highly result-oriented as the kids enjoy, develop, and learn in a stress-free environment. Below are the core elements of this methodology.

Positive Emotional Environment: A preschool is a child’s first social exposure outside the comfort of a home, and providing them love and security becomes the utmost priority. The management ensures that the children feel loved and respected, and are safe. Not just for effective learning and academic progress, it lays a strong foundation for a secure, positive and confident personality.

Experience-rich Physical Environment: Mosaic Preschool offers a bounty of opportunities to play and be involved in hands-on activities that are crucial for a child’s brain development. As it helps to simulate the senses and build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, it has created multiple ‘child-centric’ zones that are required for the holistic development of every child.

Integration of Music and Movement: It uses Music and Movement as a tool for language development, brain development and developing self-esteem.

Assimilation-Driven Curriculum Delivery: The innovative teaching methods are crafted in a way that suits every child and maximizes learning. The management also incorporates Smart Brain Activities for brain development to meet the learning needs like concentration, memory, observation, etc.

Technology at the Forefront

The new building is specifically designed keeping the preschool in mind and special emphasis is given on safety, security, hygiene, openness & cheerful environment. The management has laid the importance on the below areas:

  • Self-owned, dedicated, specially designed building to ensure security and safety
  • High resolution IP based CCTV with Audio & full remote monitoring, RFID Card with SMS updates
  • GPS tracking for the transport
  • Almost no traffic around preschool building (located on dead-end lane)
  • Easy to clean non-skid flooring
  • Segregated zones with multiple gates to ensure properly coordinated activities
  • Toilets specially designed for children with small toilet pots & wash basins
  • Strict cleaning schedule for toilets, flooring, play equipment, etc.
  • Mosquito net for all windows
  • Lots of windows for natural light and wind flow
  • Excellent child-to-area ratio, lots of open space to avoid the claustrophobic effect
  • Pleasing day-light tone diffused lighting
  • Excellent child-to-area and child-to-teacher ratio & class helper to monitor each child properly
  • Children transport accompanied by children supervisor to ensure proper safety & security

The Objective

The primary objective of Mosaic preschool is to create a positive, healthy, and fun environment for the children, which helps them to get ready for the future. It has designed a holistic curriculum that involves activities to gain all-around development.

  • Smart Brain Sessions
  • Music and Movement Sessions
  • Gym & Kinder Sports Sessions
  • Field Trips

The Road Ahead

As the new infrastructure has grossed a tremendous positive response from the parents in a quick time, the preschool hopes to reach its planned student capacity by next year. Recently it has also launched a day-care that offers various enrichment activities. Looking ahead to the future, it aims to tie-up with high schools that work on a similar philosophy. This will help to ensure a seamless transformation of the children into the formal education arena.

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