The Answer is – Dream, Live and Conquer
The Answer is – Dream, Live and Conquer
The Answer is – Dream, Live and Conquer

In the quest to chase dreams, many a times we land up in unexpected places, be it a monotonous 9 to 5 job or even worse studying for a course, degree just to avoid working. In any of these cases, situations become arduous each day and the frustration level keeps on building. This is because of the very reason, that we aren’t happy in the job profile and continuously dragging and toiling ourselves for long hours just because there isn’t any option.

Growing up dreaming every single day of becoming an artist, author or even something as rare as a sky diver seems as naïve as sowing a seed that will grow to become a tree the next day. The extent of innocence students have at this young and tender age is boundless, but it’s when growing up life happens to them. Dreading about the truth and reality of life is very obvious, but accepting the actuality of bread and butter drowns in as the phase of teenage escalates to adulthood.      

As the saying goes “You don’t drown falling in water, you drown by the fear of staying there”, this exact difference is, what we miss to understand. Facing failures, disappointments and challenges by the day is all a part and parcel of the game, but it is the spirit and courage of being a go-getter that adds glory to the victory. The journey of winning or living your dream may seem far-fetched standing at a start point, but recalling that story of the hare and tortoise will remind you of the “never up give” approach.

This world is moving at a lightning speed and technology is at the top of the pyramid, the modern time has brought undeniable changes and choices for the generation. Be it, the startup world that is blossoming like a flower or the business that have accelerated with innovative and “out-of-the-box” ideas, the opportunities are immense in this current time.

School, college, and institute are the building blocks of students. It’s in school, when one starts dreaming, setting goals about future, and understanding about the different phases of life. Reading books, watching television or considering now playing on a tablet, it is through these sources kids watch, listen, and inculcate the various walks of life.

Every student has a hobby growing up- singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument or being a sports enthusiast of soccer, basketball or cricket, be it anything that makes one feel lively and enjoy that self-time. It is this hobby that many students look forward to pursue and make a career out of, turning a hobby into a career is the best option one can opt for, the work one does won’t feel like work because it’s something that one enjoys. Imagine everyday doing what you work, it’s the perfect blend of a happy self and work routine. `

The values of integrity, dedication, and commitment followed by a principle of ethical work environment bring out the best results. Setting new goals and accomplishing it, the adrenaline rush here is a notch up. During school and college, students, teenagers all idealize someone- a superhero, sportsman, writer, director, movie stars or even musicians that lead the most famous rock and pop bands. Some of these people are legends and idols, who are the living examples of pursuing their dreams and making it big, starting from scratch to building empires and achieving everything.

Draw inspiration from hard workers and surround yourself with positive-minded people, who match your wavelength and energy of dreaming and bear the willpower of making it to the top. Believe in yourself and start your journey everyday with the same spirit as yesterday. Rise, shine, and grind to make all your dreams come true.    

– Apurva Bhosale 

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