Apeejay School: Reinforcing a Highly Focused and Curated Education Experience

The mission of the institution is committed to nurture principled, compassionate and innovative leaders for global stage, equipped with skills critical for success in a highly connected and fast evolving world.  

A School is a foundation to build a student’s ability to grow as an individual with a right blend of virtues and knowledge. Right from the beginning, it truly gives definition to a student’s future goals and adds value to it each following day.

Spreading its wings, Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, launched the International Wing in 2016 to provide a world class school experience. It is the latest offering from the Apeejay Education Society, which has built a rich heritage of more than five decades in the field of quality education through a family of twenty-four not-for-profit institutions, in various states of India. In the Education vertical, it also has the UGC recognised Apeejay Stya University.

The Masterminds behind the Institute   

Apeejay Stya institutions are guided by the vision of Dr Stya Paul, Founder Chairman of the Apeejay Education Society. His legacy of excellence is being carried forward by his daughter Sushma Paul Berlia, who is the key personality behind the vision and success of Apeejay School, International Wing, Sheikh Sarai. She also plays a vital role being the Co-Promoter and President at Apeejay Stya & Svran Group and the Chairman at Apeejay Education Society. She is also the Co-Founder and Chancellor at Apeejay Stya University.

Wearing the twin hats of an Industrialist and an Educationist, she has played a unique role in bringing the much needed synergy between academia and industry. The School is the culmination of a long standing dream of Sushma to usher in the best of globally benchmarked education. She aims to provide a world class education rooted in human values and infused with Indian culture. Her dedicated-self has contributed enormously in every step of the school’s conceptualisation and execution.

The School carries forward Sushma’s belief that a progressive and holistic education with international dimension is more important than a mere delivery of content to acquire skills that are necessary to thrive in the future.

Bestowing Excellent Facilities

The curriculum, faculty and infrastructure of Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, International Wing, have been planned keeping in mind the best of schools across the globe. It gives an international edge to the students and parents who are seeking a global perspective in school education. It is located in South Delhi and it is slated to be Delhi’s first and only IB Continuum (PYP, MYP, IBDP) day boarding school with state-of-the-art centrally air conditioned building and sports facilities. Apart from this, it has the best of amenities which includes ultra-modern laboratories. It has a wide-range of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and Virtual Reality which are some of the key areas on which the school seeks to focus.

The school also believes in cherishing a healthy environment to make it more lively and for the active participation of its students. It has built a natural grass full size football field, synthetic tennis courts, synthetic basketball courts, swimming pool and a well laid out play area for kids, including medial facilities, and many more. The School has integrated a top notch security arrangement with CCTV cameras, lady attendants, visitor management system, and guards on duty 24X7 to ensure total safety and security of the students.

A Comprehensive Way of Education 

Apeejay School offers key programmes which includes IB Primary Programme (IB PYP), IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) and IB Diploma Programme Grades 11-12 (IB DP). These programmes are further explained with proper details to know how it is implemented.

The Primary Years Programme comprises of the essential elements of knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills, attitudes and actions that encourage international mindedness and global citizenship. These elements are featured in collaboratively planned units of inquiry which follow six trans-disciplinary themes. These themes allow traditional subjects to be explored through interconnected personal, local and global perspectives. Inter-disciplinary approach is the focus of the PYP programme.

Middle Years Programme is a natural progression from the Primary Years Programme and excellent preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in grades 11 and 12. This programme spans across grades 6-10 which is a crucial time when young minds are undergoing rapid physical, emotional and intellectual development. Trans-disciplinary approach is the focus of the MYP Programme.

During the final years of senior secondary school, students will study the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). It is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education that prepares students, aged sixteen to nineteen, for success at university and even in life ahead. The programme is taught over for two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

A Unique Ideology

Apeejay School believes that Education is preparation for a meaningful life lived for a purpose. The ability “to learn, to lead and to serve” is what makes life worthwhile and well-lived. Every student has an own unique cultural experience, skill, interest and potential which should be integral to the teaching and learning process. Therefore, students learn best when the learning is constructive and is delivered in a supportive environment.

“Schools must cultivate international-mindedness among students and educators so that they see themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility towards its members. Good education must be focused on all round development and unlocking potential of all students” adds Sushma. It should develop students’ moral and ethical compass through a critical examination of beliefs and value systems to make them balanced and principled.

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