Arizona Summit Law School: Cultivating Professional Development by Enhancing Values, Skills, and Intellectual Capacity

The Law School aims to prepare its students to become practitioners who recognize the value of providing legal service to underserved populations and public service to the community.

Situated at One North Central Avenue in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona Summit Law School combines the aesthetics of a gleaming high-rise office building with the high-tech/high-touch feeling of an academically rigorous educational institution. One will first notice the palpable energy; the fast-paced and organic movement of students making way between classes; the murmur of conversation as students discuss with instructors the day’s lecture. But in short order, one will be swept up in the fast-paced rhythm too. On every floor, a panoramic view of the city, its skyscrapers and vistas serve as a reminder of Arizona Summit Law School’s ties to the community and city at large.

Diversity, in every sense of the word, is a part of the fabric of everything they do. By choosing from educational programs that meet a variety of needs, one is not forced into a schedule that will ultimately become a burden. Instead, students can select from part-time, full-time, and evening programs. With a multicultural learning environment where all students offer their own unique experiences and viewpoints, they’re able to acquire a comprehensive perspective and understanding.

Peerless Educational and Infrastructural Facilities

At Arizona Summit Law School, not only do students learn legal theory and gain practical legal experience, but they develop the skillset necessary to become effective leaders through the Juris Doctor Program (JD).

Arizona Summit Law School is situated in a community that is renowned for its vitality, diversity, quality of life, and orientation toward the future.   An educational experience that is tailored to the times and a destination location provide an ideal context for law students wanting to live in and lead into the future.

The institution is located in a modern high rise building that offers all of the resources a student needs to be successful in the field of law.  Some of these features include 21 study rooms and 4 study areas, wireless internet and printing capabilities throughout the building, knowledge bars for small group learning, and an entire floor of the library dedicated to quiet study.

Students also find great value in the diversity of the classroom.  The diversity at Arizona Summit Law School is much broader than the typical definition of diversity.  In addition to the Fall class profile being approximately 39% diverse, with an average age of 30, they came from very different undergraduate institutions, states, career backgrounds, and life experiences.

About the Dean

Penny L. Willrich is the Dean of Arizona Summit Law School. She joined the school as a faculty member in 2005. Prior to teaching at Summit, Dean Willrich served as the first African-American woman trial court judge in the history of the state of Arizona. She is licensed to practice law in Texas and Arizona.

Dean Willrich has received many educational, community, and professional awards for her professional work, both locally and nationally. In 2012, she received the prestigious ‘Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity John J. MacAulay Legal Educator Award’ based on a lifetime of dedication to the principles and ideals of integrity, compassion, courage and professional service. In 2014, she received the ‘Jurisprudence Living History Award’ from The Links, Inc., Jack and Jill of America, Inc., and the ‘Gamma Mu Boule Award’ for her service to Arizona and the local legal community.

Financial Assistance

Arizona Summit Law School not only provides state-of-the-art educational facilities, but also provides financial assistance to the students. Each semester, the Admissions Office awards a limited number of new student’s merit scholarships, based on a holistic review of their academic accomplishments. Scholarship retention is based on maintaining a 2.8 cumulative GPA with the required number of credit hours for their program. After completion of two semesters, all students will be evaluated to ensure their eligibility. Students are then reviewed every semester thereafter.

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
The Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship offers full scholarships to students with an LSAT score of 156 or above, and a qualifying UGPA. Arizona Summit Law School covers all tuition and general fees for the Juris Doctorate degree up to three (3) years for full-time study and four (4) years for part-time study, up to the required credits for graduation.

Relocation Scholarship
This scholarship is available to any new first time JD student that lives outside the state of Arizona.  The Relocation Scholarship has a value of $2,000.

Campus Visit Scholarship
This scholarship is available to any new first time JD student who completes a scheduled visit with an admissions counselor.  The Campus Visit Scholarship has a value of $1,000.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

The institute provides a wide array of career opportunities to the students. Summit graduates can be found working in national firms, federal government and local agencies, and non-profits. Students must complete a minimum of 300 hours of experiential learning gaining real world, live client experience in the legal profession.

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